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What Should I Eat After a HIIT Session?

If you frequent nutrition blogs, chances are you’ve heard the question, “what should I eat after a HIIT session?” HIIT (high-intensity interval training) has been a very popular fitness trend for three years now, and for a good reason. It ticks the boxes if you’re looking for a sweaty workout session that’ll burn your calories pretty fast. 

3 Delicious Foods to Eat After a HIIT Session

However, regular HIIT sessions aren’t enough. You have to pair your exercise with the appropriate nutrition for maximum results. Inability to eat the right foods after working out will deprive you of the effects of your exercise. Let us look at three foods that are healthy and delicious to eat after a sweaty hour of HIIT. 

Here we go.


Eggs are highly recommended after a workout. With about 7 grams of protein & 5 grams of healthy fats in one egg, it is obvious that this food is a nutrition powerhouse. Also, eggs are one of the few foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. They are a complete source of protein. Also, they contain B-vitamins, which is linked to energy production. 

Eggs are an excellent food to eat for protein. They are easy to make and taste very good. You can make eggs in many ways after a workout, for example, in a salad, in its scrambled form, or hard-boiled.


Blueberries are tasty & remarkably filled with antioxidants, dietary fiber, proteins & vitamins. The presence of antioxidants in blueberries is even more reason to eat them after working out. Exercising always causes oxidative stress or an imbalance between antioxidants & free radicals in the body. Therefore, having a way to restock the body with the former is advisable. 

Also, the consumption of blueberries after working out has been associated with faster muscle recovery time. Blueberries can be added to your diet by pairing with coconut yogurt, as toppings for oats, or on their own. 


Avocados are abundant in magnesium, a nutrient that’s been lauded for its muscle recovery acceleration. Additionally, it accounts for about 14% of your daily recommended potassium intake and will help regulate fluid balance & control the electrical activity of the muscles and heart. 

Avocados are also rich in vitamins C, K & B-6, and folate, all of which possess anti-inflammatory properties and help tackle bodily inflammation that may be induced by exercise-related stress. 

Avocados are great for HIIT recovery. You can eat this fruit with eggs, or mash to eat on toast, taken in a smoothie or eaten alone with fresh ground pepper & some salt.

Conclusion to the Question: What Should I Eat After a HIIT Session?

Answers to the question “what should I eat after a HIIT session” are more than the three foods mentioned above. You can also eat leafy greens & take protein powder after a session of this highly draining exercise. The purpose of eating these foods is to replenish your body and help your muscles recover much faster. As much as possible, try to add these foods to your post-HIIT workout.

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