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Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Skin

There are several ways to use coconut oil for the skin, thanks to the excellent compounds in the essential oil. Coconut oil is an anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial agent. It is also rich in antioxidants & vitamins, including vitamin A/beta carotene. 

With such compounds on offer, it is easy to see why coconut oil makes for a great skincare product. The oil is affordable, widely available, and does not cause negative side-effects associated with artificial products. Let’s check out various ways to attain glowing, unrivaled skin using coconut oil.

8 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For The Skin

Body Butter

Let’s do away with the fake fragrances & chemicals used in conventional skin lotions and make something better at home. This DIY body butter uses coconut oil, shea butter & any other essential oil of your choice. Use generously after a shower to retain moisture and see your skin radiate in cherubic arrogance in a few weeks.

Body Scrub

Get rid of dead or damaged cells in the skin or hike moisturizing the skin at the same time but whipping up your personal facial or body scrub. To make, mix coconut sugar with coconut oil. In a few weeks, you’re assured of skin without any blemish.

Body Oil

Should your skin be the dry type or is especially dry at a particular time, then coconut oil will do the magic. Apply coconut oil all over the body rather than a body lotion. Rub particularly on dark spots like elbows & knees that are typically drier than other spots.

Cold Sore Treatment

Do you suffer cold sores often and would want to prevent or make them heal faster? If yes, regularly dabbing affected areas will do the trick. Coconut oil on such spots will reduce speed up healing, ease pain & reduce the risk of discoloration or scarring, courtesy of its antimicrobial & disinfecting qualities.

Cuticle Oil

When making your next homemade manicure, adding coconut oil will make great sense. Rub the oil into cuticles to loosen them up & keep germs away. The former benefit will make cuticles easier to cut or push back.

Detox Bath

After a stressful week, a detox bath is surely a good way to get rid of toxins while creating the perfect scenery for your mind & body to unwind. Make a simple detox bath by mixing ¼ cup of Epsom salt with ¼ coconut oil in hot water. For extra aromatherapy effects, put in a few drops of your sweet-smelling essential oils.

Diaper Rash Guard

By using coconut oil for your skin, you relieve itching, pain & redness caused by diaper rash. Regular usage ensures that rashes don’t get a chance to develop. If your toddler already has rashes, splurge coconut oil on the affected spots.

Dry Hands

If tinkering with the tools in your shed or doing your shed is causing discomfort on your hands, coconut oil helps to introduce comfort. Keep a jar of coconut oil in the garage or kitchen so you can easily reach to rub on the hands.

Concluding The Ways To Use Coconut Oil For The Skin

The ways to use coconut oil for  the skin do not end here. The essential oil can also be used to make a vibrant, hydrating face wash and a seductive homemade deodorant. You can make any by throwing in the basic ingredients, saving yourself money & time, and not worrying about side effects.

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