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Using Lemon Balm At Home And For Health

Using lemon balm at home and for health has been a practice in existence for over a millennium. It’s said that the oldest medicines are often the most potent, and although this is not always true, it is in this case.

Lemon balm has been a prescription since the middle age. However, it is just gaining fame across the globe, courtesy of its usefulness in treating a wide range of illnesses, from insomnia to cancers. Several studies have emphasized the amazing benefits of this herb, and I’m sure that the moment you know these benefits, you’ll be harvesting some in your garden next season.

What Is Lemon Balm?

Lemon balm, technically known as Melissa officinalis, is a perennial plant that belongs to the mint family. Sometimes, it is called balm mint or common balm. The crop originated from Central Asia, Southern Europe, and the Middle East, but is now available to grow in the US and a couple of other countries. 

For as long as we can remember, lemon balm has been a major medication in traditional medicine, particularly in Austria and other European nations. To hit home the point, lemon balm is used in the production of Carmelite water, a healthy, 14th-century alcoholic beverage that is still available for sale in Germany.

If you’re a follower of classic literature, you would have read of lemon balm. Avicenna, the Persian, called it a maker of merriness and joy in the heart; Homer referred to it in The Odyssey, and in 1969, the London Dispensary wrote that it renews youth, fortifies the brain, prevents baldness, and relieves languish. 

5 Ways For Using Lemon Balm At Home & For Health

If lemon balm was able to make such remarkable impressions on the world in those dates, imagine how much more it can benefit us in this sophisticated age. Lemon balm is beneficial to us, whether at home or for health. Let’s check out five ways through which this herb can be a remedy. 

Protects The Liver & Heart

Research has established that essential oil made from lemon balm is useful in the protection of the liver and heart due to two reasons: first, it lowers high triglycerides, and second, it enhances cholesterol synthesis. Also, it is suggested that regular inhalation of this oil inhibits the growth of specific factors that lead to liver cancer. 

Other studies have now proven that lemon balm is a therapy that deals with heart palpitations, although this practice first started in Iran. The reason behind this is that lemon balm positively affects the electrical and mechanical impulses of the heart, thus helping to moderate heart Arrhythmias, simply called irregular heartbeat. 

Serves As A Powerful Antibacterial

Currently, there are indications that lemon balm possesses antibacterial qualities, which are especially useful in preventing infection. There are several products to use for this purpose, one of them is kombucha, which is a fermented probiotic food— meaning that it has even more benefits than expected.

Bacterial infections, such as candida, can be difficult to treat on time. Luckily, lemon balm is particularly effective and powerful against these diseases. So, if you feel your immune function is below par,  exhausted, or are having brain fog or digestive issues associated with this typical yeast infection, you should use a lemon balm product as soon as possible.

May Combat Diabetes

Studies have been conducted to test the effects of lemon balm extract and essential oil on abnormal blood sugar levels, and the results on both are similar. They help to reduce oxidative stress and high blood sugar, two key causatives of diabetes. 

Researchers were so impressed by these findings that the Free University of Berlin remarked that ethanolic extract from lemon balm has the potential to prevent or treat type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, diabetes can be indirectly caused by excess weight. Thankfully, lemon balm possesses anti-inflammatory qualities, and thus it provides support to the digestive system, improves metabolic health, and manages stress better, all of which may lead to efficient weight-loss.

May Improve Sleep, Concentration and Mood & Tackle Anxiety

Long before now, lemon balm has been a herbal solution to insomnia and anxiety, courtesy of its moderate sedative capabilities. And, surprisingly, these uses are seemingly believed by science. 

For instance, there’s sufficient evidence to suggest that lemon balm solves impulsiveness, concentration issues, and hyperactivity in elementary class children. In the same vein, another study on teenagers and young adults suggests that this herb can improve mood and cognitive function when taken in foods. More studies report that lemon-herb extract will sharpen arithmetical and problem-solving skills, alertness, and concentration.

Speaking of sleep improvement, lemon balm is not like other sedatives that put you to sleep soon after use. Instead, it improves the quality of your sleepover time. When prepared as a herbal solution, it is beneficial in treating sleeping disorders and the symptoms of insomnia, especially in menopausal women who often experience restlessness, anxiety, and hot flashes.

Boasts Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidants Properties

Thanks to its unique anti-inflammatory and antioxidant composition, lemon balm may prove remarkable among natural medicines, thanks to its management of free radicals. As you may know, antioxidants are excellent to fight and inhibit the spread of free radicals, which are the modified cells that cause cancer.

What is most significant in this specific benefit of lemon balm is its possible usefulness in treating glioblastoma multiforme, a more recently discovered cancer type that begins in the brain and has no clear form of treatment yet. 

This hope is as a result of a study in 2014, which reported that lemon balm caused apoptosis (instant cells death) in cells of this specific cancer, as well as inhibiting the development of MRP1—multidrug resistance-associated protein 1—which is somewhat accountable for the resistance of cancers to traditional methods of treatment, such as chemotherapy. 

Conclusion On Using Lemon Balm At Home And For Health

Using lemon balm at home and for health costs little. Products of this miraculous plant can be bought at affordable prices at stores and can be used in teas and cooking various recipes. Also, it is a home remedy for PMS symptoms, headaches, toothaches, indigestion, and herpes. So, you see… there’s a lot of uses to be gained from lemon balm. 

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