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Using Beetroot Juice For Athletic Performance


Perhaps you are familiar with using beetroot juice for athletic performance. But believe me, not everyone is in on this humble beet hack. With the enormous amount of information available for maintaining optimal health and body functions, it is no wonder that most people, especially athletes, are beginning to rely more on natural foods, fruits, and herbs. Despite this, have you sat back to ask why beetroot juice is becoming the drink of choice for most people? Read on to find out. 

Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Beetroot Juice for Athletic Performance

Vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrients are specifically great for the body, especially during exercise. Vegetables, especially, are a nutritional powerhouse for athletes, mostly as an ergonomic supplement.

Although there are several varieties of beetroot vegetable, the red species is the most common. It has a rich source of antioxidants, phenols, vitamin C, carotenoids, and flavonoids. It also contains nitrate in large quantities. Nitrates, by the way, are useful in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular, muscular, and respiratory systems, all of which are vital for optimal athletic performance. 

A recent study showed a 16% increase in performance for athletes who regularly consumed beetroot juice compared to those who don't. Apparently, something so little makes such a big difference. If you are exposed to competitive sports, you'll realize that 16% makes all the difference. 

This increased performance could be one of many reasons. Find some of those below.

Increased Anaerobic Threshold

Most of the physical limitations athletes face during their activities are due to oxygen capacity. Swimmers, runners, cyclists, and others involved in other energy expending exercises mostly require an increased oxygen capacity for optimal performance. Research shows that consuming beetroot juice increases oxygen capacity by almost 23%. That is a considerable increase, seeing as you only have to drink juice compared to hiking up the Kenyan mountains. 

Increased Cardiovascular Fitness

Imagine if you have to run a marathon or cycle through the Himalayan mountains with the same cardiovascular fitness you exert by cruising through the elevators. That just might end in a hilarious disaster. 

Have you seen any of those sports videos where the athlete falls grasping their chest? Believe me, most times; it has nothing to do with a heart attack; they just can't take it anymore. Regular consumption of beetroot juice will significantly increase cardiovascular fitness, although you will still need to put in the effort and engage in some cardio exercises. But a little help along the way won't hurt now, will it? 

Increased Systemic Muscle Contraction

Think about it, what's the point of athletic activities if your muscles aren't firing at their very best? Movement, speed, and agility are mostly dependent on the smooth and easy contraction of muscle fibers. This can be significantly aided by the high nitrate content of beetroot juice. 

Little wonder several pieces of evidence from research confirm increased speed and agility for athletes who enjoy beetroot juice's nutritional benefits. 

Final Thoughts on Using Beetroot Juice for Athletic Performance

It makes no difference whether you are an athlete or not; you still stand to gain much from using beetroot juice for athletic performance. So far, you move around and engage in basic daily activities; you are an athlete, except you have no medal. 

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