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Treating Symptoms of Tapeworm

An article on treating symptoms of tapeworm became necessary due to the alarming stats. Consider that there are over 100 million cases reported annually worldwide. A tapeworm infection affects the intestines and, sometimes, even the brain. 

What makes tapeworm scarier is that there are barely symptoms. However, like all infections caused by similar parasites, the symptoms can be severe and even life-threatening. When evident, common symptoms include diarrhea, sleeping trouble, nausea, and cramps.

While tapeworm typically involves the intestinal wall, there can be rare cases of extreme complications, which occur when tapeworm eggs or larva invade the bloodstream and form cysts by attaching to skeletal tissues or muscles. 

A notable example is a man who experienced striking migraines and intense headaches accompanied by vomiting and nausea for several years. Upon a series of diagnoses, it was found that tapeworm larva had formed cysts in his brain, thus resulting in neurocysticercosis, a condition characterized by neurological symptoms.

Important Stats Concerning Tapeworm

  • At least 60% of people suffering a tapeworm infection are unaware of it.
  • Parasitic infections are mostly carried from foreign countries. They rarely originate in America, so you may have to be more careful when you travel out.
  • The riskiest places to be infected with a tapeworm in America are areas with a dense concentration of people and cattle. These include factory farms producing meat.
  • T. Solium, a common tapeworm, is responsible for at least 30% of epilepsy reports in endemic, low-income areas.

Ways For Treating Symptoms of Tapeworm

Thankfully, the symptoms of tapeworm can be treated in several natural ways, some of which are detoxification and a parasitic cleanse. Let’s have a go at these ways below.

Cook Meat & Fish Thoroughly

Eating undercooked or raw fish and meat for a long while is the commonest cause of tapeworm infections. Thus, the best way to treat or prevent an infection is to eat meat or fish only when well-cooked. True, I haven’t eaten raw meat or fish before, but I doubt any would taste better than a soft, thoroughly cooked and garnished dish. 

When cooking animal meat, the minimum recommended temperature is 135° Fahrenheit or 57° Celsius for other countries. When frozen for at least three days or cooked at this temperature, eggs, and cysts contained in meat or fish usually die off. Unluckily, smoking or drying meat and fish doesn’t kill off the eggs and cysts. 

Note that freshwater fish can pass tapeworm to its eggs, and you should hence never serve raw— pretty sad news for sushi lovers. So, whenever you’re serving or eating freshwater fish, see that it is thoroughly cooked or frozen if you aren’t eating yet. 

Try Out Parasitic Cleanse

Trying out a parasitic cleanse is an effective way to cure symptoms of tapeworm in the intestines as well as avoid complications. A healthy diet is an excellent way to combat parasitic infections, as it helps to bolster the immune system. To treat the symptoms of tapeworm, you can try out a special parasitic cleanse diet while avoiding risky foods at the same time.

To adopt this treatment, here are basic recommendations to follow:

  • Do away with pork because it normally carries worms and parasites. If you consume pork products for a long while, chances of an infection or complications, if already infected, are high.
  • Take more organic vegetables. Eat more salads, make soups or smoothies with greens and juices from fresh veggies. Fresh herbs, onions, and garlic are particularly helpful due to their immune-boosting and anti-parasitic properties.
  • Skip added sugar. Even in ordinary situations, added sugars are extremely unhealthy and unadvisable. When dealing with tapeworm symptoms, therefore, added sugar should be the first thing you kick off your table. 
  • Bye-bye to refined carbs and grains. Refined carbs are also unadvisable but slightly manageable under normal conditions. In a parasitic cleanse, however, it is a complete no-no because it may inflate the intestines when processed into sugar. 
  • Eat more seeds. Alongside bone broth, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and flaxseeds are excellent sources of protein and fiber. Pumpkin seeds are particularly effective due to the specific nutrients they contain.

Take Antiparasitic Supplements

There are, of course, certain supplements to tackle tapeworm infections. Experts advise to use them for a week alongside your parasitic cleanse diet and then take a break for a week before resuming for another two weeks. So, in total, you’re supplementing for three weeks out of four weeks. Below are effective supplements to take:

  • Paracomplete: Paracomplete is made from uva ursi leaf, thyme leaf, oregano, berberine sulfate, and grapefruit seed, all of which have excellent antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic qualities and have been in use for hundreds of years.

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract: This is an extract from grapefruit seeds. To use, follow directions on the dosage leaflet, as the dosage differs per strength.

  • Black Walnut: Black walnut has been a useful supplement to treat parasites for years now. You should take 250 milligrams daily.

  • Oregano oil: Oregano has remarkable antibacterial and anti-parasitic qualities, which thus makes it effective in tackling tapeworm. It is also useful to aid detoxification. Take 2000 milligrams of oregano oil daily, spread across four servings.

  • Olive leaf: If you have access to an olive tree, get some leaves, bake at a degree of 150 F, leave in hot water for ten minutes and take with lemon or raw honey daily. 

Use Colonics in Detoxification

Regular detoxification is advisable even if you aren’t experiencing the symptoms of tapeworm infections. To make detox more effective, experts advise using colonics. It is recommended to practice colon cleanses 2–3 times weekly for three months. You can as well try out a saltwater flush or coffee enema.

Final Words on Treating Symptoms of Tapeworm

The necessary recommendations for treating symptoms of tapeworm aren’t difficult to follow. For example, the foods advised in the parasitic cleanse diet are extremely healthy and ideal even without any infection. Likewise, detoxification is advisable regularly. 

As earlier mentioned, it is hard to know you’re having a tapeworm infection because there are barely symptoms. So, why don’t you make these recommendations your day-to-day lifestyle choices? 

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