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Replacing Coffee With Guayusa

Replacing coffee with guayusa is becoming a lauded health move among us, but how beneficial is this move? Is guayusa as healthy as some claim, or is it a mere media hype? Let’s continue reading to find out.

Guayusa is a herbal infusion commonly described as an antioxidant. Pronounced gwhy-YOU-sa, this Ecuadorian extract of the Holly tree is considered an energizing replacement for coffee. People previously wary of the purported adverse effects of caffeine have only been too happy to switch to guayusa because guayusa contains natural and lesser caffeine, unlike processed coffee. 

Guayusa boasts some protective compounds, such as B vitamins, theobromine, polyphenol catechins, and many other antioxidants.

5 Benefits Of Replacing Coffee With Guayusa

Having looked at basic things concerning guayusa, it is necessary to know some uses you can get when you take it. Let us look at five common benefits associated with dumping coffee for guayusa on your diet.

Possesses Uplifting Abilities

Conventional caffeine lifts mood in a way or two. Guayusa contains naturally occurring caffeine and specific nutrients that neutralize the harmful effects of using coffee. And so, by taming the caffeine on offer, guayusa can stimulate the mind in a calmer, more coordinated way, compared to other sources of caffeine, for example, coffee.

Just like coffee, guayusa can be your morning dose of energy to become alert and prevent fatigue. However, due to its chemical constituents, guayusa is safer and much healthier than a strong buzz of coffee. In addition to caffeine, it contains a stimulant found in green tea, theophylline (methylxanthine alkaloids), which is praised for its ability to give a natural burst of energy, yet not overwhelm you.

An 8-ounce serving of guayusa offers 66 milligrams of caffeine. In comparison, the same serving of coffee offers nearly 160 milligrams, while black tea provides a meager 42 milligrams, although it doesn’t have other beneficial nutrients like guayusa.

A Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Research has established guayusa to be an abundant source of antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory compounds. Some studies claim that the level of antioxidants in guayusa is what you have in green tea, while others have suggested that it is even higher. Mind you; green tea is one of the richest beverages in antioxidants.

Several studies have realized the vast classes of antioxidants in guayusa. A cup of guayusa offers rich levels of methylxanthines, such as polyphenols, theobromine, alkaloids, and many more, as well as guanidine, L-theanine, ascorbic acid, isobutyric acid, gallic acid, and specific B vitamins. 

Now, the usefulness of antioxidants to health cannot be underrated. To begin, they help to combat cancer by inhibiting the spread of free radicals (modified cells that cause cancer). They are also an excellent manager of oxidative stress and inflammatory levels, thus reducing the risk of associated diseases like diabetes, heart illnesses, and neurological defects.

In addition to the antioxidants listed above, further research proves that guayusa leaves contain at least 14 phenolic compounds, including quercetin, carotenoids, and chlorogenic acid. 

May Keep Weight In Check

The ability of caffeine to influence weight is often influenced by the individual. It is, nonetheless, thought to suppress appetite and cravings, thereby helping to manage how you eat. And, remember, that is a sure way to lose weight. As a plus, guayusa’s uplifting ability will see that you’re mentally satisfied no matter how little you take.

New evidence now suggests that guayusa supplementation assists in moderating blood sugar levels and encouraging metabolic health. Lastly, due to guayusa’s appetite-inhibiting capability, it can help to prevent obesity, insulin resistance, and other associated conditions. 

May Sharpen Focus & Concentration

Lack of concentration is a major problem in kids and even adults who have certain disorders. The absence of focus is usually a precursor or symptom of mental incapability, which is often difficult to cope with. These conditions are evident in people who have ADHD or any concerned disease.

Often, these conditions are managed with coffee due to its caffeine content, but guayusa offers superior support. First, guayusa possesses naturally occurring caffeine alongside different antioxidants, which are proven to encourage mental health and cognitive function. As a result, taking guayusa will enhance your focus, attention span, and ability to learn — all without the side-effects associated with coffee.

Sustainably Cultivated & Economically Useful

Until now, guayusa is chiefly grown in Ecuador, deep in the middle region, right at the intersection of the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountains. Guayusa grows best underneath the vibrant shade of the rainforest, and farmers are thus spurred to grow more trees basically to sustain the forest. Without this regular maintenance, no profit can be realized from guayusa.

But by planting these trees, the farmers are doing more than they know for the universe. Authorities explain that by planting guayusa alongside fruits, timber, other foods, and medicinal herbs, an agriculturally healthy, ecological, and biodiverse environment can be achieved. 

Speaking from an economic perspective, the cultivation of guayusa is what sustains many Ecuadorian families. So, by replacing processed caffeinated products with guayusa, you’re encouraging the survival of millions. 

How To Brew Guayusa At Home

Good news if you aren’t keen on bitter tastes. For all of its benefits, guayusa has a smooth taste that may be described as “earthly rich and slightly sweet”. 

When shopping for guayusa, it is advisable that you settle for leaves that are dried, yet brightly green without stems. This will see that you’re making the healthiest choice. 

The following are steps to follow for brewing your guayusa after purchase:

  • Soak the leaves with hot water.
  • Leave to steep for about 5 minutes. Note that the lengthier the steeping process, the deeper the flavor and color. 
  • Serve with raw honey, lemon or ice if you’d prefer to take it chilled.

Takeaways From Replacing Coffee With Guayusa

As you have read, there are many benefits attributed to replacing coffee with guayusa. Note that this is not limited to coffee; rather, it extends to other drinks containing processed caffeine. However, coffee itself has some benefits, and if you think it has no adverse effects on your health, you can stick with it anyway. 

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