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Reasons You Should Have A Body Scan Meditation

There are probably one hundred and one reasons you should have a body scan meditation, most of which you may not know, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the extra cores of meditation. Meditation is not solely on breathing; there is so much you can do with it.

Studies and personal experiences have convinced millions of the soulful benefits of guided meditation. With regular practice of guided meditation, you’ll become more mindful and self-aware, understand the right way to criticize yourself, relax, and sleep better, less anxious, and an excellent manager of pain.

But, wait a minute, what’s body scan meditation?

Body scan meditation simply means paying attention to every sensation that may be zapping or sashaying through your body. If you take the words apart, it’d be easier to understand. Body. Scan. Meditation. 

Yes, that's easy. 

However, unlike the FBI, you’ll be scanning with your mind and not any sophisticated spy equipment you might have in mind already. 

So, literally, during a body scan meditation, you’re watching your body parts (from the head to the toes). Not watching like a movie; instead, you’re watching to pick up tingles or cramps. Other sensations you pay attention to during a body scan meditation are numbness, tightness, throbbing, buzzing, heat, coolness, itching, or pulsing. The list continues.

Logic Behind The Reasons You Should Have A Body Scan Meditation

People often ask: “how can observing sensations coursing through the body be useful?” Well, it is believed that these sensations make you more connected to the present, as you can only feel what’s happening to you at the time. 

For example, you may not be aware of your building dread for the butcher holding his ax proudly before you until you take some moments to notice the throbbing in your heart.

The logic here is that tangible sensations are linked to emotional states. And except in extreme or familiar cases, you may be unable to realize that negative emotions, say anger or sadness, are why you feel a constant ache or numbness deep in your chest. 

Likewise, some of us are so used to a particular stressful routine that we often find it challenging to recognize the impacts of this on us. However, with the knowledge that stress may cause a migraine, we may be quick to take care of ourselves.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Have A Body Scan Meditation

Having understood the concept behind a body scan meditation, it is only righteous to know the benefits you stand to gain with practicing regularly. In no particular order, here we go… 

Enhances Self-awareness

Until you become more aware of yourself, you might be vague on the fantastic benefits you’re missing. With a more self-aware mind, you’re assured of improved psychological wellbeing. Also, your level of mindfulness rises. You develop the ability to notice and observe your surroundings without any effort.

A major reason to have a body scan is to embrace your feelings instead of ignoring the effects of emotions on your body. Researchers call this interoceptive attention or describe the process as experiencing “improved internal somatic sensations.”

A proper body scan will help you observe happenings in your body, mind, and environment and, more importantly, help to understand why these things are happening. By doing so, you get the chance to face and abolish negative emotions rather than hide from them.

Are you overwhelmed at present? Now would be an excellent time to have a body scan meditation. I bet the aftermaths of this practice will amaze you. Note that this may take time and consistent practice.

Boasts Relaxing Impacts

Often recommended to people experiencing the symptoms of chronic stress or anxiety, a body scan helps to relieve symptomatic conditions, such as digestive issues, inflammation, pain, insomnia, and tension headaches. It also helps to lessen tightness in the body as well as tension or pressure in the joints. 

Further studies have established that steady body scan meditation influences the activeness of the parasympathetic nervous system according to the synthetic nervous system, thereby increasing relaxation in the body.

A good body scan meditation will not only help to relax you when stressed, it can help to avoid typical stressors in the future, but this takes practice.

Contributes To Healthier Sleep

The benefits of healthy sleep cannot be overemphasized, and experts, therefore, recommend you take every measure to encourage it. 

reasons you should have a body scan meditation image

As earlier mentioned, body scan meditation has deep relaxation effects, and there is no better sleeping tablet than a relaxed mind and body. We aren’t even counting on logic here; this is well supported by a credible 2019 study that assessed the impacts of self-awareness meditation on people with sleeping disturbances. 

When you’re lying in bed, willing to escape into dreamland, a body scan meditation alongside music can be a beneficial guide.

Helps To Manage Pain

Pain is at its deepest when we are in denial. There’s this incredible sadness or numbness in our hearts when we refuse or fail to come to terms with our pain. In a study, partners of dead soldiers revealed that they found a way to manage their pain better when they accepted reality and stepped into a steep with it.

But how do you seek and embrace your pain? Body scan to the rescue! 

May Encourage Focus

A quick, 10-minutes body scan meditation is an excellent way to slow it down and press “reset” on an overwhelming day. As you let your thoughts slip away, your mind is refreshed and immediately raring to go. With this, you are bound to feel more energized and alert, and hence retaining focus becomes much easier.

Going further, some studies suggest that interoception is the primary mechanism through which the body and mind benefit from mindfulness meditation. If consistently practiced, there are beliefs that one will enjoy more clarity when making decisions, even when under pressure.

Overseeing The Reasons You Should Have A Body Scan Meditation

Anyone would agree that the reasons you should have a body scan meditation are excellent. What makes the practice even more outstanding is that it takes little time, requires no special instrument, and costs nothing—a toast to a stress-free life. 

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