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Reaping From The Incredible Purple Potatoes

Incredibly eye-catching, but you can do more by reaping from the incredible purple potatoes. Have you successfully answered questions about the health benefits of potatoes? Do you wonder what the purple tuber is on the potato aisle during grocery shopping? Everyone is fond of sweet potatoes; even health food enthusiasts who avoid anything with sugar agree that sweet potatoes are healthy and good – the best part, they are downright tasty! 

Colors aren’t just to make food beautiful; they also sometimes denote nutritional content. From your high school art class, you probably have learned that purple symbolizes royalty and power – and that exactly is what purple potato stands for in the class of nutritional value. 

Like most members of the lofty, tasty potato family, Solanum tuberosum, purple potato, is native to the Andes mountain region of South America. It is closely related to eggplants (which, of course, are also purplish), tomatoes, and peppers. The peculiar bluish-purple, and sometimes almost black, outer skin and inner flesh mostly distinguish the purple potato. The best part, it stays purple even after cooking.

This distinguished delicacy comes in several varieties found in different parts of the world. Some of these varieties include purple majesty, vitelotte, purple fiesta, all blue, purple Peruvian, Congo, and Adirondack blue. Each of these varieties has different peculiarities that are native to other regions. 

Adirondack blue, for instance, is native to the Adirondack mountains of the United States. Generally, as compared to white potatoes, these purplish bliss are tastier, denser, slightly nuttier, and have a smoother, earthier flavor. Definitely, you are falling heads over heels for this plant. 

Reaping From The Incredible Purple Potatoes – Nutritional Profile

You may wonder where the distinctive purplish color of these potatoes come from. Little wonder, it’s a result of the several pigments of anthocyanin that it contains. Anthocyanin is a disease-fighting antioxidant. The royal blend of these potatoes is a result of the pure mix of red, blue, and violet pigments. This points to the nutritional value of purple potatoes as compared to other tubers in the plant family – and also, in extension, the nutritional content as compared to other foods in general. 

Usually, potatoes are associated with weight gain. Although, the truth is the type of potato you choose and the way you prepare them go a long way to affect your weight. Purple potatoes, on the one hand, are versatile and nutritious while, on the other hand, can replace other processed potato-based products. Miranda Jacobs, a dietitian with John Hopkins, postulated that the weight gain attributed to potatoes is a result of processed products such as potato chips and fries. 

All varieties of potatoes are high in carbohydrates and also contain a wealth of vitamins and dietary fibers. A close look at the nutritional profile of purple potatoes as compared to others will show why you should be reaping from the benefits it has to offer. About 75 grams of this delightful wonder is packed with 52.5 calories. 

Furthermore, the dietary nutrient profile in this same amount of purple potatoes contains 12g of carbohydrate, 1.4g of protein, 0.1g fat, 1.3g fiber, 341mg of potassium, 6.5mg of vitamin C, 45.7mg of phosphorus, 16.5mg of magnesium, 0.9mg of niacin, and 0.1mg each of thiamine, copper, vitamin B6, and manganese. 

This profile, as compared to other root vegetables, shows why you should stock up more on purple potatoes. Interestingly, purple potatoes can be used as a condiment on almost any meal and, of course, adds a beautiful blend of tasty flavor. In case of doubt, here are benefits that will convince you of reaping from the incredible purple potatoes – get a grip on your chairs, you will be amazed! 

Benefits Of Reaping From The Incredible Purple Potatoes

Provides An Alternative For Food Coloring

Food coloring has drawn much attention in the past couple of years. While they may ensure the food looks more attractive, the chemical substances used in making most of these food dyes are not healthy for the body. Root vegetables such as purple potatoes and carrots provide a healthy alternative. 

Anthocyanins, which cause the color pigmentations in these root vegetables, are referred to as disease-fighting antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against free radicals in the body. The color pigmentation from anthocyanins does not breakdown easily as compared to artificial food dyes and provides the needed burst of energy and color.

As an alternative for food dye, or as a condiment on your plate, purple potatoes bring all the pop you need. Remember, purple means royalty, even the Queen agrees! 

Regulation Of Blood Pressure

High blood pressure remains a prevalent precursor to several other disease conditions and is becoming increasingly common. According to published research by the American Chemical Society, regular consumption of purple potatoes will lower and regulate blood pressure. This physiological regulation is due to the presence of chlorogenic acid, a phytochemical linked with cardiovascular health. 

Furthermore, the potassium content in purple potatoes equally provides additional support for healthy blood pressure maintenance. All of these outstanding benefits make purple potatoes an incredible addition to the diet. Deliciously stimulating and heart-healthy, what more could you wish for?

Provision Of Antioxidants

Anthocyanin, which is responsible for the distinct coloring of purple potatoes, is an antioxidant that provides disease-fighting properties. Primarily, antioxidants reduce the damage of free radicals and have also been used in folk medicine for centuries. 

Anthocyanin Extract is used in traditional medicine and remedies for eye disease, liver dysfunction, and high blood pressure, among other common ailments. The addition of purple potatoes in your diet will go a long way in supporting good health. The healthier you are, the more you’d live! 

Prevention Of Blood Clots

Blood clots or thrombosis is a leading cause of death around the world. Chlorogenic, a phytochemical in purple potatoes, can effectively breakdown clots and reduce the activity of procoagulant proteins and peptides. 

Individuals who are predisposed to recurring blood clots are advised to add a controlled amount of purple potato to their diet. 

Provision Of Dietary Fiber

Dietary fibers are effective in supporting a healthy digestive system. Fibers generally work by ensuring constant bowel movement, which in turn stimulates gastric and intestinal juices. According to Miranda Parks, a dietitian, most diet plans are deficient of sufficient dietary fibers and may not provide needed support to the digestive system. 

According to recent studies, increased intake of fiber will aid the prevention of stroke, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis. Purple potatoes pack a healthy amount of dietary fibers, which provides the nutritional requirement of the body. Once again, purple bliss to the rescue! 

Inflammatory Action

A 2015 study revealed that one of the varieties of purple potato, specifically those found in Taiwan, contains high levels of anti-inflammatory compounds that can inhibit the inflammatory response development in the body. This same response is associated with the reduction of cancer risk. 

There are a slew of advantages to reaping from the incredible purple potatoes, more than science has revealed, at least for now. In any case, enjoy the purple bliss and grab some when you find them at the store – wonders like these won’t stay long on sale. 

Possible Side Effects Of Reaping From The Incredible Purple Potatoes

With all the sweetness – literally and figuratively – that purple potatoes have to offer, it is in consideration for a group of people. The high carbohydrate and calorie content put certain individuals at risk. Despite having a low glycemic index as compared to other varieties of potatoes, diabetics, for example, will have a spike in blood sugar levels if they consume large amounts of purple potatoes. 

Additionally, purple potatoes should be limited on low-carb diets like the ketone diet and any other that has a reduced carb content. 

Reaping From The Incredible Purple Potatoes – Kitchen Hacks

Now that you know the numerous benefits to reap from purple potatoes, you may wonder how to throw it all together in the kitchen. Being generous, here’s a little help with three familiar recipes. 

Mashed Potatoes

Boil potatoes in a pot over high heat until tender. Drain, add cream and butter with a pinch of salt. Mash with an electric masher until desired consistency is achieved. Stir with maple syrup, cardamom, and cinnamon. Serve and enjoy!

Purple Potato Latkes

Grate potatoes with a box grater or food processor. Wash in cold water and drain with a colander; ensure water drains out by squeezing with your hands. Mix the potatoes with grated onions and chopped parsley. Add eggs and salt to the mix and stir with flour to combine well. Heat in oil over a cast-iron skillet and serve when browned evenly. 

Green Beans And Potatoes

Cook onion and garlic until brown, add potatoes, beans, and broth. Season the mixture with black pepper and ensure the potato is tender before switching to low heat. Add additional condiments or seasoning as you wish and serve with cornbread. 


Although closely related to other root vegetables, there is more in reaping from the incredible purple potatoes. As a condiment, the main course, or a side dish, purple potatoes bring all the pomp to the party, providing you with high and top-quality nutrients. Enjoy the royal bliss!

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