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Potential Side Effects Of Rogaine For Women

Frankly, regrowing your hair is great, but while you are spending so much on creams and gels, do you know the potential side effects of Rogaine for women? Rogaine, which is also known as Minoxidil, is one of the few topical ingredients approved for hair use by the FDA. 

Since balding and androgenetic alopecia is becoming surprisingly common, it is no wonder that men and mostly women are scrambling around for solutions to save their scalp. Rogaine has become one of the most talked-about solutions for this predicament, seeing as it has proven effective in treating hair loss. 

Why the Hassle About the Potential Side Effects of Rogaine for Women?

About 40 percent of the entire world population will deal with a significant amount of hair loss, at least by the time they hit 50. This might not be a significant concern for men since they do not place as much value on their hair as women do. 

Usually, hair loss starts gradually as thinning around a part of the hair until it becomes broader and more apparent. In treating hair loss, it is advised that you commence treatment as soon as possible because it is more difficult to regrow your hair after losing everything. Cancer patients who have experienced significant hair loss can also benefit from Rogaine. 

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL), which is one of the common causes of hair loss, is mostly caused by genetics and significantly affected by the hormonal imbalance associated with menopause. Due to this, FPHL is primarily common in women around 50 years. This condition responds well to Rogaine, with mild effects. Read on to find some of the potential side effects of Rogaine for women. 

Some Potential Side Effects of Rogaine for Women

Unwanted Hair Growth

In some cases, Rogaine might cause unwanted hair growth in some places in the body, like the face, if the medication touches it. Currently, it is unclear why this is more common in women than in men. Notwithstanding, it takes about eight weeks for the hair growth to become visible. Therefore, you might have hair growth on your face if the medication comes in contact with it for that period. 

Contact Dermatitis

One of the most common side effects of Rogaine is contact dermatitis. In fact, with the wrong mode of application, it can occur within a few minutes or hours. It presents with symptoms such as burning, irritation, redness, flaking skin, and itching. It is advised that you apply a small amount of Rogaine to a limited area on your head for the first time before applying it all over subsequently. 

Low Blood Pressure

Rogaine ordinarily has a mild, sometimes inconsequential, effect on your blood pressure, although it might be severe on some rare occasions. Therefore, it is advised that those who have pre-existing conditions with their blood pressure should watch it closely while using Rogaine. 

Allergy Symptoms

It is possible to develop an allergic reaction to Rogaine. Common allergy symptoms like rash, inflammation, hives, and itchiness might show up. Therefore, exercise caution before you slather the medication all over your head. 

Take-Home Message on Potential Side Effects of Rogaine for Women

Rogaine is very effective in treating hair loss. Notwithstanding, you should look out for the potential side effects of Rogaine for women. There are other alternative treatment methods that you can try out, most of which might not be as effective but has lesser side effects. 

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