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Keeping To The 3-Day Cardiac Diet 

You need this information about keeping to the 3-day cardiac diet if you are looking to lose weight while improving your cardiac health. One of the highlights of this diet, and perhaps the quality that endears it to most people, is that you can lose as much as 4.5 kilograms in just three days by sticking with the consistent meal plan – isn’t that such a wonder? 

In this article, we will discuss the highly restrictive and sometimes unsustainable way to lose weight quickly. Are you in for the ride? Just have in mind that the hassle is all for your heart health. 

What’s the Hassle About?


People who desire to lose weight and also have a healthy heart, and sometimes those who are preparing for surgery, would have come across a 3-day cardiac diet – which is also known as the military diet. This diet contains a strict simple meal plan that helps one to lose weight within three days with a claim that you can lose up to 4.5 kilograms if followed religiously. Interestingly, the meals can be made without the need to purchase costly food items or sticking with exotic recipes; so, you get to keep some extra dollars in your wallet. 

In a way, it is very cost-effective. However, it is tough to keep up or follow through because the meals contain approximately 800-1000 calories. This value is below the amount that most adults need to function appropriately in carrying out tasks and activities for the day without getting hungry, tired, exhausted, or feeling nauseous. 

Another reason why it’s hard to keep up is this meal plan is that it requires that you measure foods and stick to guidelines, which does not give room for enough flexibility in your lifestyle. Consider traveling when you are on the 3-day cardiac diet. That could prove difficult, exhausting, and time-consuming.  

How-To Follow Through 

Having stated that this meal plan is very restrictive and difficult to stick with, here are some pointers you might consider which will help you in pulling through. Remember that the goal is to maintain a healthy weight and optimal heart health. 

Remember Why You Started the Journey

You probably have read the book ‘Know Your Why’ by Simon Sinek. Well, try and put those golden nuggets to use now. Yes, I know this is not an easy one, but you could have chosen not to lose weight at all. 

Frankly, no one would have minded, rather than your Grandma, of course. Nonetheless, you desired to burn some calories urgently, which is enough reason to keep you motivated. The meal plan isn’t desirous at all, but the set goal is to burn those calories – a lean body does look great! 

Monitor Your Progress

Tracking your progress helps you stay motivated at sticking to the meal plans. Seeing a significant growth curve of your desired weight mark gives enough excitement and satisfaction that what you’ve set out to do is yielding results. 

Get on the Plan with A Friend 

Usually, we don’t say so much about the importance of support in meal plans and other endeavors to lose weight. You might be unnecessarily hard on yourself and not see the visible improvements you are making – that is where support from your friends comes in. 

How The Meal Plan Works

The 3-Day Diet plan works by providing a strict diet plan to eat for three consecutive days in the week while you are free to eat anything you want till the next week. It is easy to understand why most people consider this diet plan restrictive, but the goal is more significant than the price you pay for it. 

The plan is built on a protein source mixed with lots of fruits and vegetables. Just for fun, you are also allowed to snack on saltine crackers. Furthermore, you have to ditch all your spices and stick with salt and pepper for three days. Additionally, you can eat vanilla ice cream – although it has to be once a day. Here are some of the categories of food you can eat and the foods included. 

Beverages – Water, Tea, Diet Soda, and black coffee

Fruit – Bananas, apples, melons, and grapefruit 

Dairy Products – Cheddar cheese, vanilla ice cream, and cottage cheese

Grains – Saltine crackers and toast

Proteins – Lean beef and pork, eggs, tuna, and peanut butter 

Just in case you are thinking of sneaking in any of your favorite food, once it doesn’t show on the list above, it is banned from the diet plan. Frankly, you can work with the food items on the list if you know your way around it well. 

Effect on Weight and Heart Health 

Since the diet is very restrictive and involves just a few calories, it may cause weight loss on a short-term basis. This is because you are consuming fewer calories than your body requires. In this state, the body utilizes every nutrient in the body to sustain function and general well-being. 

Nonetheless, suddenly cutting many calories from your diet can result in headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. You should note that while your weight may drop in the first three days of the week, it may widely fluctuate for the rest of the week, where you are allowed to eat anything you want. 

While there are researches that negate the effects of a 3-day cardiac diet on the heart, its restriction on processed food is very beneficial. 

Possible Side Effects

One of the biggest strikes against the 3-day cardiac diet is that there is a limited number of researches on it. This has limited its acceptance in the medical community, as most people believe it doesn’t work. Also, it is highly restrictive and difficult to follow and might be nearly impossible for anyone who doesn’t eat most of the foods allowed on the diet plan. 

Take-Home Message for Keeping to the 3-Day Cardiac Diet

Frankly, keeping to the 3-day cardiac diet isn’t altogether straightforward, but weight loss results are worth the process, especially if you need the weight loss. Notwithstanding, since there are limitations and downsides to the diet, exercise caution before jumping in for a trial. 

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