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How To Overcome Sunday Scaries 

The awful feeling that descends on you just before starting a new week – I am quite certain you sometimes wonder how to overcome Sunday scaries. We all get in our feelings sometimes, but there is an unprecedented increase in anxiety and worries about the new week and activities that we might engage in on Sunday night, hence the name. 

While it might sound like a scene from a kiddies’ horror movie, it’s certainly real and might jump right out of your closet before the week begins. We have done quite extensive and detailed research on this phenomenon. In this article, you will learn the simple and practicable ways to overcome Sunday scaries.  

Commonest Causes of Sunday Scaries

There are various professions & job schedules, each of which has varying effects on the apprehension you experience in anticipation of Monday. Sunday scaries are also described as “burnout”, and some causes of it include:

  • Working for extremely long hours, most especially if you wake up at very early hours & work deep into the night.
  • Travel long distances regularly.
  • Failure to have vacations or time off when burnt out.
  • The absence of social support during your time off (weekends or ordinary vacations).
  • A job that constantly frustrates you.
  • The inability to get along with co-employees or lack of acceptance by them.
  • Constantly worrying about a too heavy workload & thinking about the jobs that are yet to be finished.
  • Working for excessive hours on all days of the week, weekends inclusive. Jobs like this are household tasks & child care.
  • The need to work every night from home & on weekends.
  • The constant need to manage caffeine withdrawal & hangovers over weekends, causing us to feel unwell & irritable. 

According to research, people who face Sunday scaries the most are those without a general balance in their schedule. Sundays are no longer meant for relaxing & chilling with family. More responsibilities have been included in Sunday activities, and there’s insufficient time to unwind. 

Simple, Practicable Methods on How to Overcome Sunday Scaries 

The sentiments surrounding the beginning of a workweek seem to be universal, and of course, comes laden with trepidation for stress and mental energy. Generally, this might have been relatively ignorable if not for the lethargy and mental exhaustion that it comes with. Nonetheless, you’ve read this far, so we assume that you are ready to take down Sunday scares for good with the simple yet practicable strategies we have lined up. Let’s get right into it! 

Acknowledge That It’s Common

This probably sounds too simple and pretty off the shelf for you to accept as a strategy for overcoming Sunday scaries. Regardless, you will be surprised by how much pressure you will effectively lift off yourself by admitting you aren’t alone in this. 

An informal poll taken on LinkedIn, the popular social media platform for professionals and working-class, revealed in 2018 that about 78% of the active workforce experience Sunday scaries in its differing varieties globally. While this knowledge might not necessarily fix the symptoms you feel due to anxiety; it will lay your mind to rest on one important fact, you aren’t alone in this. Think of Sunday scaries as a working-class badge, one which you need to swap in as soon as possible. 

Pin Down the Cause

Although this isn’t expository on the importance of journaling, your journal might come in handy in helping you sort through your emotions and finding out why you are crippled with fear of the new week. You can almost always trace these feelings to one particular cause. It could be that you have a routine check with your supervisor, or you have a class scheduled for the week. When the cause is found, you can easily resolve your fears and hit the week with new energy. 

Nonetheless, some people experience Sunday scaries because their schedules are getting bogged down with more tasks week in and out. 

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Have you ever thought about why everyone is happy about the weekends? It’s pretty simple. You get time for yourself. You can employ this strategy in battling Sunday scaries. Most of the time, anxiety about a particular situation hits when you don’t have the strategies to resolve them in due time. Due to this, you can effectively categorize your challenges for the week into easy-to-approach segments. Understand what you need for each task, and ensure that you have access to the tools needed for effective execution. 

More importantly, as much as you can, do not bring work activities into your time. 

Analyze Your Schedule

You just might be getting hit with Sunday scaries on a constant cycle because your schedule is bogged with activities and tasks every day of the week. You can consider yourself an overachiever, but your mind needs prime time to unwind and relax; without that, you are on your way to a nervous breakdown or something close. 

When you run through your week from one commitment to the other, there is a high chance you will be too exhausted to enjoy your weekend, which in turn affects you when you start your new week. So, try to clear out some activities from your calendar. 

Talk to Your Employer (If need be)

If you feel that everything you’ve done is not productive, the problem may be out of your control. If on further analysis, you realize that your employer is the major cause of this imbalance in your work-life balance, you should talk to him or her. And if you’re giving so much in your place of work, it is only proper that you’re valued. So, asking for some changes in your schedule shouldn’t be a problem. 

Final Thoughts on How to Overcome Sunday Scaries

There are probably some other methods on how to overcome Sunday scaries that are not mentioned in this article. This is primarily because one size doesn’t fit all. Nonetheless, if all conventional methods fail, book an appointment with your therapist; talking to someone about this might be all you need for an energy boost! 

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