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Healthy Foods To Get Off Your Diet ASAP

There are dozens of some so-called healthy foods to get off your diet ASAP. The irony is that most of us who eat these foods believe that we are healthy dieters. So, it may be a rude shock to find your favorite “health” food on this list. 

The blame is not yours, though. Trust marketers to throw buzzwords like “organic,” “all-natural,” & “sugar-free” all around so often that they confuse even educated eaters. 

To help, below is a brief list of foods never to eat (or to dump ASAP!). Many of them are sneaky sugar bombs that drive the body into inflammation overdrive & unhealthiness — thanks to the grossly unhealthy compounds they contain.

3 Top Healthy Foods To Get Off Your Diet ASAP

Fruit Juice

Branded fruit juices (save for very few) are as harmful as soda or almost as bad when taken in excess. Here’s how to help you understand: you’ll take a glass of 8-ounce orange juice in seconds, and that’s about four medium-size oranges. If you were eating the oranges directly, consider how long they’d take you (especially if you consider the wholesome fiber).

What makes fruit juice dangerous is the fructose levels. A liter of orange juice contains 45.5 grams of fructose, while soda contains 50 grams — that’s about a 5.5% difference! Glucose from fruits may serve as fuel, but the fructose they contain is limited to the liver, where it’s processed into fat. If you don’t know already, excess fat in the liver is a terrible thing!

Soy Protein

Sorry to burst your bubbles: soy protein is not hardly healthy, at least not in its unfermented form. Fermented soy has its benefits, but consuming soy milk, soy protein & edamame is another thing entirely.

Most soybeans cultivated in America are genetically modified to stand the application of weedkiller, particularly glyphosate. A recent research established that there are very high levels of this dangerous chemical in our soy. So, by eating non-organic soy, you know how tasty glyphosate is as well.

Even if I don’t mention that glyphosate is associated with human cell death and several other health issues, you should know that weed killer should be among the top 3 things never to taste.

If the taste of soy sauce interests you so much, you should go for coconut aminos and fermented soy, including miso, tempeh & natto.

Sugar Alcohols

Of course, you don’t want to take sugar alcohol, but you don’t know you’re taking them. They are a common ingredient in sugar-free baked products, and sugar alternatives. Xylitol is a popular example. Others are mannitol, sorbitol, isomalt, maltitol, erythritol & lactitol. 

Although they are usually described as “natural,” these sweeteners are made from GMO plants & subjected to intense processing. Some are associated with allergic reactions, such as SIBO symptoms, headaches, gassiness, bloating & rashes.

A better alternative is to use monk fruit, raw honey, or green stevia  — all in moderation. 

Concluding The Healthy Foods To Get Off Your Diet ASAP

There are several other healthy foods to get off your diet ASAP, and we’ll be looking at them in the subsequent part of this blog. I advise that you pay critical attention to brands that you buy foods from or just eat freshly harvested foods only. 

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