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Health Uses of Palo Santo

The health uses of Palo Santo are familiar among people who thread traditional paths of healing. Palo Santo refers to a group of trees with the ability to produce a specific essential oil reputed for its anti-inflammatory & immune-boosting capabilities. The species of trees that make up this group are grown worldwide but mostly in Central & South America. 

The trees are burseraceae, meaning that they belong to the same botanical family with myrrh & frankincense trees. Palo Santo can be smudged, which means “smoked as incense.” When this is done, the wood’s holy smell is believed to drive away bugs & keep bad energy far away. But that’s for the mystics.

Let’s see the proven benefits of Palo Santo below.

4 Health Uses of Palo Santo

Whether used as an essential oil, or an incense, the health benefits of Palo Santo include…

Rich Source of Antioxidants

Palo Santo is a rich source of antioxidants & phytochemicals known as terpenes, which effectively eliminate free radicals — which are mutated cells that cause cancers. Terpenes are also proven to ease stomach aches, combat stress, relieve arthritic pain & several others. To be particular, the compound has earned a reputation for its cancer-fighting & anti-inflammatory abilities for ages. 

A meta-analysis of Palo Santo distilled in steam revealed that the group is indeed rich in antioxidants. Some major active compounds in Palo Santo include limonene (89.33%), terpineol (11%) & menthofuran (6.6%).

Immune-boosting Compounds

Palo Santo has commendable immune-boosting & anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is an active regulator of inflammatory responses triggered by pollution, poor diet, stress -)& illness.

Limonene is the most active ingredient in Palo Santo, and it has well-documented anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer abilities. Several preclinical studies involving mammary carcinogenesis & inflammatory illnesses established that limonene supplementation helped lower cytokines, lower inflammation & protect the cell’s epithelial barriers. 

A 2004 research by the Shizuoka School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Japan, found out the presence of numerous phytochemicals in Palo Santo essential oil that could suppress the mutation of cancerous cells. 

All these points to the fact that Palo Santo helps out the immune system, especially in cancer-related concerns.

De-stressor & Relaxant

Palo Santo essential oil is both grounding & centering, much like frankincense oil. It is commonly used for emotional & spiritual support due to its natural anxiety-relieving properties. When inhaled, Palo Santo switches on relaxation responses in the body while reducing anxiety, panic & insomnia. To use Palo for this benefit, burn some of the wood in your yard, and inhale the smell.

An alternative is to mix Palo Santo oil with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil & apply it topically to your head, neck, spine, or chest. This will speed up your unwinding process & help you to a sound sleep. 

Treatment for Headaches

Palo Santo helps ease headaches & migraines associated with stress by increasing blood flow while lowering inflammation, thereby turning off perceived pain. For an instant natural remedy, add some drops to water & rub on the head whenever there’s a headache. Alternatively, you can rub a combination of Palo Santo & coconut oils on your neck & temples.

Concluding the Health Uses of Palo Santo

There are several other health uses of Palo Santo, including cold flu treatment, joint pain reliever, allergy easer & household cleaner. Take full advantage of these remarkable benefits by topical application or smudging. Fortunately, Palo Santo is easily affordable.

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