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Health Uses of Avocado Oil

The amazing health uses of avocado oil have led to many asking if it is the greatest oil ever. This is understandable. However, whereas we’ll not be weighing in on that, we must agree that avocado oil does indeed have some excellent benefits.

But firstly, what is avocado oil?

Avocado oil is made from the Persea americana, the avocado tree, which belongs to the Western Hemisphere spanning across Mexico to the Andean plains. To get oil from the tree, one had to press the fleshy pulp surrounding the avocado pit. If you’re familiar with the manufacturing process of oils, this may be surprising given that most edible oils are derived from seeds. 

The helpfulness of avocado to health has been attributed to its rich levels of healthy fats, including several essential fats & oleic acid. Compared to rancid, processed vegetable oils like safflower, soybean, and cottonseed oils, avocado oil has pretty high levels of monounsaturated fats and is an alternative to these harmful but commonly used oils. 

According to a 2019 journal by Antioxidants, there are great hopes that avocado will be useful in cancer prevention & treatment, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory & microbial issues, and diabetes. 

5 Health Uses of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil can be added to the GAPS diet and the low FODMAPs diet, both of which are planned to tackle neurological issues, digestive problems & inflammatory conditions. Here are five proven health uses of this monounsaturated oil.

Helpful for Psoriasis & Other Skin Diseases

According to estimates, about 8.5 million Americans are psoriatic. Not surprising given that there’s no age limit to the victims of this skin issue.

Psoriasis is a widespread skin problem that sees the accumulation of dry, dead & rough cells on the skin. Areas suffering this condition are identified by the reddish-pink color, red borders & silvery scales. 

According to a Dermatology publication, there is enough evidence to suggest that Vitamin B12 mixed with avocado oil may make a highly effective, long-term & well-tolerated topical treatment for psoriasis. Participants of the reported study were subjected to pure avocado oil for three months, during which their symptoms were considerably improved.

Avocado oil’s potential to treat psoriasis may represent a breakthrough in skin health, as conventional prescriptions for psoriasis are linked to even more severe and undesirable side effects. Studies conducted on both humans & animals have established that avocado oil has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and will hasten up the healing process after a wound if applied topically. 

The effects of avocado oil on the skin shouldn’t be surprising, thanks to its rich contents of healthy fats, including crucial vitamins like vitamin E. The oil soothes the skin & does fine as a natural moisturizer as well. When used as the carrier oil in a homemade recipe or applied topically, avocado oil has excellent positive effects on normal & dry skins.

Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Avocado oil is a healthy recommendation if you’re interested in natural ways to maintain healthy blood pressure levels or just lower the levels. Thanks to the monounsaturated fats contained therein, avocado oil has positive effects on blood pressure, which is linked to the heart. As a result, taking avocado oil in moderation is highly advisable. Discard trans fats & saturated fats in your diet for this oil.

Research published by the American Medical Association reported that replacing some carbohydrates with monounsaturated fats or protein in a healthy diet will further lessen blood pressure and estimated risk of cardiovascular attack, as well as enhance lips levels.

May Enhance The Symptoms of Arthritis

The roles of avocado oil in repairing joint-related issues, particularly arthritis, have been lauded in recent times. The oil has proven useful in treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, whichever your condition is classified as.

ASU is a mixture made using soybean & avocado oil extracts and is a common prescription for persons suffering from joint-related issues, such as hip & knee osteoarthritis. Also approved due to its ability to enhance cartilage repair & growth, ASU is widely accepted in Denmark and France.

The mixture has been tested in vitro & animal models, and the results have been quite motivating. A particular research involving four randomized, placebo-regulated trials reported that ASU was very useful in relieving hip & knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

May Reduce Cholesterol Levels & Improve Heart Health

Avocado oil possesses cholesterol-lowering abilities, thanks to its dense levels of monounsaturated oleic acid — which makes an excellent compound for the heart. 

Several studies indicate that oleic acid (much like other omega-9 fatty acids) can lower the risk of cardiovascular illnesses by increasing the production of good cholesterol HDL (high-density lipoprotein) & tackling inflammation. Also, oleic acid reduces the levels of bad cholesterol LDL (low-density lipoprotein). 

Furthermore, there is sufficient epidemiological proof that the fatty acids in the avocado oil reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Clinical controlled studies have reported that these acids have favorable impacts on several factors that cause CHD, including insulin sensitivity, blood clot formation, triglycerides & cholesterol levels, and the susceptibility of in-vitro LDL oxidative.

Encourages Nutrient Absorption

A publication in the Journal of Nutrition accorded that the inclusion of avocado oil to a diet can improve the body’s ability to absorb carotenoids (fat-soluble, health-supporting antioxidants) from foods. 

According to the study, the regular consumption of avocado oil resulted in a considerable improvement in the absorption of lutein, alpha-carotene & beta-carotene. Dietary carotenoids are considered beneficial to health, reducing the risk of certain cancers and eye defects. 

Thus, aside from the healthy fats available for consumption in avocado oil, it can also encourage the absorption of nutrients from other foods.

Concluding The Health Uses of Avocado Oil

There are other impressive health uses of avocado oil, including the support of weight-loss (by contributing to fullness) & having the ability to aid detoxification and expression of antioxidant genes. Some of us who were unfamiliar with the benefits of this monounsaturated fat will be eager to try them out. Use this oil regularly (for a week at least) and drop us feedback. 

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