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Health Benefits of MCT Oil Supplementation

The health benefits of MCT oil supplementation are quite impressive. Therefore, the supplement cannot be ignored any longer. MCT oil is obtained from triglycerides. The oil is a source of pure fatty acids made up of strings of intertwined hydrogen and carbon. 

MCTs are medium-chain, and compared to long-chain fats; they are easier for the body to absorb since they are made up of lesser carbons (6–13). They are as well smaller and get into the cell membranes very easily. You do not have to use a special enzyme for your body to optimize these fats. As you may have guessed, MCTs stand for Medium Chain Triglycerides. 

These qualities contribute to why MCTs are highly beneficial to health.  They are digested without fuss & sent directly to the liver, upon which they possess a thermogenic effect and the ability to affect metabolism positively.

Four (4) Health Benefits of MCT Oil Supplementation

There are a few variations of MCTs, some of which are more likely to be effective than the others. The four commonest kinds are: 

  • capric (acid C10:0)
  • caprylic (acid C8:0)
  • caproic (acid C6:0)
  • lauric (acid C12:0)

The number of carbons in these acids determines how quickly the body converts them to ketone usable energy. Ketones, by the way, are the body's produce when using fats for energy rather than glucose, which is what happens with a person on a keto diet. 

Notwithstanding the numbers in the chain, all kinds of MCTs are useful to health, particularly for those who find it difficult to digest most forms of fat, including those who have malabsorption issues Crohn's disease, leaky gut syndrome, gallbladder infections, and other related digestive deficiencies.

Let us look at five specific health benefits of MCT oil supplementation.

Helps To Lose Or Maintain Weight

MCTs are proven to possess positive effects on fat-shedding, weight reduction, and energy expenditure. There are various proofs, chiefly on animal models, that MCTs help achieve satiety faster and even improve the metabolic rate of the body's functions. This does not directly translate to the fact that taking more and more MCTs will cause weight loss, as evidence is limited on the connection between weight-loss and MCT oil. 

However, studies have proven that there may be a link between positive metabolic function and MCTs.

For example, a 2003 publication in the Journal of Obesity & Related Metabolic Disorders reported that long-term MCT supplementation, compared with long-chain triglycerides (LCTs), had more significant effects on fat oxidation, body composition, and energy spending in obese women. It was thus agreed in the research that replacing LCTs with MCTs is surer to prevent weight gain in a long time, thanks to their fat-burning and energy expenditure qualities.

As further proof, a meta-analysis conducted in 2015 based on controlled trials evaluated the effectiveness of medium-chain and long-chain fatty acids. The researchers examined a group of adults by comparing using two metrics: body fat and energy fat. The group was regulated so that the intake of all other food groups (carbohydrates, protein, and fats) was the same, and only the types of fats differed. The comparison could conclude that people in the MCT group had healthier weights and burned fat easily.

Helps To Protect Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health has remained a top priority among doctors for long. In 2010, the Journal of Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods published a report on the link between metabolic syndrome and MCTs. By the way, metabolic syndrome refers to a cluster of metabolic disorders, including hypertension, dyslipidemia, and abdominal obesity. 

A follow-up study in 2018 concluded that MCTs were indeed more protective of the heart than LCTs, although this was a research done on rats. This effect was attributed to MCTs' power to lower total cholesterol and enhance serum lipids’ profiles. 

MCTs, in general, have shown the ability to reduce mortality risk & cardiovascular diseases. This is linked to their contribution towards weight-loss, which is possible because they are easy to digest, easy to absorb & convert, satiating, and anti-inflammatory.

May Enhance Mood, Performance & Energy Levels

Fatty acids make up a large percentage of your brain, so you must have a steady supply of these fats to keep the cognitive function active. Longtime consumption of fatty acids will help to feel excellent, think critically, perform great at tasks & stay agile as you grow old. 

As you read above, MCTs are easily digestible & utilizable and are also very protective of the heart. They are, therefore, particularly beneficial for persons sticking to low-carb diets, the ketogenic diet inclusive.

Few studies have revealed that MCTs' continuous usage can improve cognitive behavior, including improvements in people with Alzheimer's disease. Meanwhile, a study conducted two years ago strongly suggested that following a keto diet and consuming more MCTs will ease symptoms in people with various brain issues, such as Alzheimer's disease and ADHD.

Thinking of it, it surely is logical that food that powers the brain and is easily absorbed should help you feel more positive, energetic, and clear-headed.

Assists Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

Much like coconut oil, MCT oil helps to balance the bacteria count in the gut microbiota. This ability positively affects the digestive system, nutrient absorption capability, and energy expenditure. MCTs easily kill & inhibit the growth of pathogenic viruses and bacteria that lead to digestive issues, such as constipation, candida, stomachaches, diarrhea, and food poisoning. 

You may also have to eat more fatty acids to help the body absorb nutrients completely from all foods. Nutrients that are not ordinarily absorbed but which MCTs will help to get include beta-carotene, magnesium, lutein, calcium, and vitamin E.

Concluding The Health Benefits of MCT Oil Supplementation

Asides from the health benefits of MCT oil supplementation mentioned above, they also possess anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal qualities. These properties ensure that they kill common harmful bacterial strains, such as streptococcus, staphylococcus, and Neisseria. MCTs' benefits are endless; I advise that you buy the oil from a trusted store today.

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