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Health Benefits of Cocoa Butter

The health benefits of cocoa butter are well documented in history. I bet you’ve eaten the oil more than you know. It is the main fat source used in chocolate production, be it white, milk, or dark. It is also commonly used in creams for healthy skin. There is also clear evidence that cocoa butter supports immune function.

The oil is extracted from cocoa beans, which are seeds belonging to the Sterculiaceae family. Cocoa beans have existed for millennials now and can even be eaten instead of cocoa butter, as they are the major source of the oil. 

9 Health Benefits of Cocoa Butter

Heals the Skin

In several quarters, the main purpose of cocoa butter is the prevention of skin dryness & peeling. This is apparently due to its excellent moisturizing qualities, which also ensures that the oil can heal the skin from the inside. 

Cocoa butter is a great source of antioxidants & fatty acids, all of which the skin absorbs easily. Note that products made with natural hydrators like cocoa butter are less irritating than products containing synthetic fragrances, additives, dyes & colors. 

To use cocoa butter to cure or prevent skin dryness & peeling, mix it with essential oils, jojoba, or castor oils. For those with extremely dry skin issues, use cocoa butter regularly, although you need to perform a patch test before starting to be sure you won’t develop negative reactions to the oil. 

If your cocoa butter has solidified due to its storage conditions, it is suggested to melt it using hot water. This is because it is much more spreadable and absorbable when in its liquid form. 

Cures Chapped Lips

A popular usage of cocoa butter is treating chapped lips, so it is common in lip balms. Thankfully, you can make yours at home too. This oil is usable with peppermint, vanilla, orange, or grapefruit oil. If combined with any of these, the result is typically a flavorful lip balm that can also hydrate the skin. 

Cocoa butter has emollient properties, meaning that it protects the lips with a hydrating layer. This effectively prevents harsh temperature &  indoor heat or sun damage, which are common reasons for lip damage.

Slows Down the Symptoms of Aging

The skin is usually the first noticeable marker of old age. Fortunately, you can fight the symptoms of aging using cocoa butter, thanks to its high levels of mass polyphenols that have been established to reduce the visible signs of aging as well as soothe delicate skin suffering rashes or dermatitis.

Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that fosters health, whether applied topically or eaten directly. The mass polyphenols in cocoa have been useful in treating chronic diseases, skin degeneration, sensitivities & cell mutations. The compounds have proven effective in tackling photoaging, improving skin tone & elasticity, enhancing collagen production & retention & bettering skin hydration. 

While other commercial skincare products are linked to positive skin results, only cocoa butter has been free of irritating or potentially harmful ingredients.

Soothes Rashes, Burns & Infections

To replenish burnt skin, you should apply some cocoa butter topically. Be sure that the oil is pure and free of perfumes, fragrances, alcohols, or any other additive that may lead to skin inflammation & sensitivity. Cocoa butter can also pass as a natural treatment for dermatitis, eczema & skin rashes. To improve cocoa butter’s soothing effects on burns, mix it with tea tree or aloe vera gel.

Cures Sores in the Mouth

If blisters & painful sores are a common presence on the insides of your mouth or your lips are prone to recurring peels & pain, a regular topical application of pure cocoa butter is enough to keep them moisturized, smooth & pain-free. If you didn’t know, keeping the lips & mouth hydrated is a sure way to avoid blisters & sores from developing. 

Effective Shaving Cream

Cocoa butter can be used in the tub to shave & keep the skin hydrated — at the same time. No worries, the cocoa butter melts quickly & won’t block the drain or clog it up. To use, rub a small handful on the parts to be shaved. This is usually enough to give you that feeling of just-shaven.

A good time to use cocoa butter to shave is after a warm shower. This is because heat opens up skin pores & ensures easier & deeper absorption.

May Enhance Cardiovascular Health

There are changing opinions on the effects of saturated fats on the heart. New research has suggested that saturated fats derived from plants can lower the risk of heart diseases these days. This is attributed to the polyphenols found in cocoa butter, which are proven to help decrease the inflammatory markers linked with the hardening of arteries (atherosclerosis). 

As a result, cocoa is now classified as “anti-inflammatory.” Some studies also indicate that cocoa helps treat lipid metabolism & is also associated with a reduced risk of heart events like a heart attack.

Contains Anti-inflammatory Antioxidants

Specific antioxidants in cocoa butter (that remain after the separation from the bean solids) are linked with reducing inflammation. A lot of studies have established that polyphenolic compounds in plants display antioxidant effects on the immune system. This enhances the body’s ability to fight inflammation, cell mutation & DNA damage, which are beneath-the-surface causes of chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart concerns & autoimmune deficiencies.

Supports Cognitive Function

Studies have since proven that cholesterol, saturated fats & specific fats provide vitality to the brain. They are also helpful in controlling appetite, fostering hormone production & encouraging positive mood. Fats are also necessary for the growth of brain cells & are also required to produce sex-related hormones, including testosterone, estrogen & progesterone, which regulate several bodily processes.

Concluding The Health Benefits of Cocoa Butter

As you can see, the health benefits of cocoa butter are remarkable. The oil is beneficial in every visible aspect of the skin and effective in a few internal bodily processes. Take note to reduce how much of this oil is eaten, whether in chocolates or other foods, as saturated fats have to be kept low in the body.

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