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Health Benefits of Boron

I doubt that many are familiar with the health benefits of boron, as the minerals are barely on health sites. Let’s know what it’s all about & see some of its benefits.

Boron is a pertinent trace mineral commonly found in some foods & also in the environment. In fact, boron can be obtained from water. The mineral contributes to the structure of plant cell walls & assumed an important role in the pollination & growth of plants. Researchers say that boron helps the stabilization of molecules within plants, such as sterols & polysaccharides. Research is still blurry on the exact process of boron utilization, but that’s that. 

6 Health Benefits of Boron

There are a lot of benefits attached to boron; let us look at 6 of them below:

Can Foster Concentration & Brain Function

Boron is usually considered a “brain food’, as it can assist attention, task performance, motor control & short-term memory recall. On the other side, there are indications that low boron levels in the body are associated with a sluggish brain, having troubles learning & retaining knowledge & abysmal cognitive behavior. 

In research, a comparison was made on the impacts of low boron consumption and adequate boron consumption in adults, and the results were encouraging. There were noticeable improvements in handling several psychomotor & cognitive tests in the group treated to more boron, such as faster motor skills, manual dexterity, attention, eye-hand coordination, perception & both short-term and long-term memory recall. 

Can Combat Arthritis

Boron has a pertinent role in the absorption of calcium into the cartilages, which is necessary to prevent arthritis pain & joint deterioration. Studies show that people with poor boron concentrations in their synovial fluid & bones suffer a higher incidence rate of arthritis than those with adequate levels. Other studies indicate that bones treated to boron supplementation are much stronger; thus, cutting them poses a harder task than low-boron individuals.

An epidemiological study reported a significantly higher rate of arthritis in regions with poor boron intake (about 1 milligram/less per day) than regions with a higher intake (about 10 milligrams/more per day). 

Helps to Fortify Bone

The benefits of boron include its ability to assist bone density & prevent bone diseases & loss by calcium facilitation, which is the major mineral needed for bone mineralization. It will also help to curb the growth of porous & weak bones. Also, thanks to its function in estrogen function regulation, boron helps to protect bones. 

More studies have shown that boron helps produce & utilize vitamin D better, which is an essential nutrient to form healthy bones, and several other things like cognitive processes & immune function. In a study, researchers realized that supplementing with boron can improve bone formation & restrict bone resorption, thereby providing therapeutic protection from osteoporosis in animal models. 

Rats fed with boron-rich supplements posted improved bone thickness, bone mass, bone volume & estradiol levels (a bone-related hormone). On the other hand, rats treated to a boron-less diet experienced bone loss in the lumbar vertebrae & femurs, spongy bones & worsened osteoporotic conditions. 

Helps in Maintaining Hormonal Balance

Thanks to its ability to balance sex hormone levels in both men & women (testosterone & estrogen), boron has displayed the ability to ease PMS & menopause symptoms and may also provide fertility support. In several animal models, boron depletion was one of the causes of congenital disabilities & fertility problems, suggesting that boron may have significant roles in fetus development & healthy reproduction.

The US Department of Agriculture conducted three small studies in which women in their menopause were treated to a low-boron diet before a switch to a boron-rich diet. The result was a considerable reduction in the loss of calcium & magnesium through urine, as well as higher (still healthy) levels of testosterone & estrogen.

Promotion of Healthy Muscle Mass

Some vitamins & minerals are best absorbed – optimized by the body in the presence of boron, and these are vitamins & minerals crucial to muscle building, fat burning & pain prevention by an improved recovery of torn muscles & tissues after exercise. 

Also, boron has been suggested to have testosterone-boosting abilities, so it may lead to quicker strength gains & higher energy levels while possibly reducing the risk of age-associated muscle loss. Other studies have shown that boron helps athletic performance by helping to think faster, improve hand-eye coordination, react quicker to stimulus, and keep the joints & bones stronger & free from pain. 

This explains why boron is common in athletic supplements & protein powders (you read labels of what you take, right?) There is, however, more research to be done on the effects of boron on physical abilities & body composition.

Prevention & Treatment of Yeast Infections

Boron is a basic ingredient in yeast infection prescriptions in women. It takes the form of boric acid to serve as a natural substitute for over-the-counter creams or medicines. Boric acid is very safe & much more effective in the vagina. 

A double-blind comparison assessed the impacts of boron with those of a commercial yeast cream produced with nystatin. The result showed that boron had the better ability to treat yeast infections. In the study, 92% of women were relieved from their infections after 7-10 days, while only 64% of the women who used the standard cream experienced relief. 

There were no negative aftereffects of using boron, which is even more remarkable when you consider that it was self-made and less costly than the branded product. This led to the conclusion that boric acid is a potent fungi-killing agent that works better than messy vaginal creams while costing lower.

Concluding the Health Benefits of Boron

There are even more health benefits of boron, including the prevention of skin infections & the combat of diabetes. It is needless to say that boron has a lot of impressive contributions to health. Eat more boron-rich foods & supplements to maximize the excellent uses of this trace mineral. 

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