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Foods To Increase Productivity

Eating healthy foods to increase productivity will make you an invaluable employee at work. On the other hand, if you are a boss, it will help see to tasks thoroughly. The fact is, whatever you do, regular consumption of foods considered to enhance productivity is an excellent thing to do. They are also highly recommended for your kids to help them unlock a new level of sharpness at school.

Let us look at five foods to add to your diet or increase how often you eat them.

Five (5) Foods To Increase Productivity


That these vital vegetables are considered an excellent brain-boosting food should not be surprising. After all, they are chunked with benefits that enhance productivity, courtesy of their high nitrate contents, which are natural compounds that trigger the increase of blood flow. As a matter of fact, Nitric Oxide recently published a research that reported that a diet containing beetroot juice helped to improve the floor of blood to specific areas of the brain charged with self-regulation & attention.


Salmon offers a super-dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent compounds for mental agility. Salmon is, therefore, great food for mental focus & energy. Omega-3 acids are linked to several remarkable benefits, ranging from enhanced cardiovascular health to reduced inflammation. New evidence reveals that increasing your consumption of omega-3 fatty acids will promote cognitive function & improve memory.


Starting from its rich levels of fiber and extending to the plenty of vitamins & minerals in it, it is obvious that there are many reasons to eat broccoli. This benefit includes enhanced brain power that keeps you agile. Broccoli is dense in choline, a crucial nutrient with potent effects on cognitive function. Studies now suggest that the compound is essential in brain development, cognitive behavior & memory function.

Green Tea

A morning cup of green tea may be the perfect superfood to kick-start your day & get your productivity levels charged up. A review in 2017 found out that green tea does have a massive impact on the brain. It has been repeatedly linked to increased focus, decreased anxiety & better memory. This is not all. Some studies on animal models have established that green tea may help prevent chronic fatigue, which is a sure way to keep you raring to go throughout the day.


Having an omelet or scrambled eggs filled with veggies for breakfast is a common way to ensure productivity throughout the day. Eggs are not only filled with choline (that supports cognition) but are also a healthy source of protein. A journal in the American Journey revealed that a breakfast of protein-rich food suppresses the ghrelin (the compound that inhibits hunger) more than a high-carb diet. This allows you to stay more satiated. This means that you focus on your productivity instead of your rumbling stomach. 

Concluding The Foods To Increase Productivity

There are several foods to increase productivity apart from the five highlighted. You can eat more dark chocolate and almonds. All these are foods that will ensure you are able to offer the very best at work. I suggest that you try them out today. 

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