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Foods That Slow Metabolism 

If you are in search of foods that slow metabolism, you are on the right track. You might be familiar with foods that boost your metabolism, especially if you are trying to burn off some extra weight. But, how about food that slows down the burn of your metabolism. Jump right in on this article for a lesson of a lifetime. 

The Uncommon Rave – Foods that Slow Metabolism 

When you are trying to burn belly fat with active gym time and a structured diet, you are often advised to ditch some foods that may be slowing your metabolism down. That said, if you are looking to gain some quick weight, which would be sustainable for the foreseeable future, you might have to stock up on some of the foods shared below diligently. 

Metabolism is easily defined as a natural biochemical process through which your body effectively converts your food into usable energy. With the human body's physiological design, the greater your metabolism, the lower your chance of retaining any body fat or extra pounds. Although some of these foods are considered wreaking havoc on your metabolism, try them out if you are more inclined to weight gain rather than loss. 

Common Foods That Slow Metabolism 

Refined Grains 

Pizzas, pasta, and bread should frequently come up on your eating schedule if you intend to slow your metabolism while equally adding extra body fat. This category of food contains abundant quantities of starch, gluten, and phytic acid. According to a published article by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming refined grains instead of whole ones will reduce calorie loss from the body because more calories are saved with reduced metabolism. 



I doubt you were expecting to find alcohol on this list. Regardless, research has shown that alcohol consumption reduces metabolism. While social drinking might not make any appreciable difference in the rate of your metabolism, too much alcohol, which is more than two drinks a day for men and one for women, will put a drag on your body’s metabolism. In a way, that explains the drag you feel from a hangover – your body is literally trying to catch up. 

Increased alcohol consumption leads to the production of acetaldehyde in the body, which is potentially toxic. Instead of burning calories from food consumed, the body’s metabolism is thus more focused on removing the body's toxic substances. 

Traditional Yogurt 

Traditional yogurt contains a rich supply of dairy products that is worth every penny spent. In contrast to Greek yogurt, which provides metabolism-boosting properties, traditional yogurt has little or no protein with a reduced amount of probiotics. 

With a reduction in protein intake, the body breaks down muscle mass to access nutrients needed for survival, which leads to a slower metabolism and a reduced body mass. Although this seems to contrast with the end-goal, which is an increased weight gain, less muscle mass eventually results in a sharp increase in body mass to make up for the biological gap. 

Bottom Line on Foods that Slow Metabolism

If you are interested in exploring more foods that slow metabolism, try out fruit juice, soda, fried foods, farmed beef, regular sea salt, and other wide selection of foods. That said, it is more important to carry your doctor along, especially when making drastic changes to your diet. 

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