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Contributions of Sea Moss To Health

Highlighting the contributions of sea moss to health may be a pleasant surprise, because trust me, this superfood has an array of outstanding benefits. It is even ironic that you, like most people, are just recognizing sea moss’ usefulness. Ironic because it has been in use for centuries. 

Scientific literature may still be scarce on sea moss, but this can not take away the hundreds of years of its usage. The weed has been used to boost the brain and immune system and support digestive function. So, no doubt, sea moss has a lot to offer.

What Is Sea Moss?

Sea moss often referred to as Irish moss and technically called Chondrus crispus, is a red seaweed that originated from the North Atlantic Coast. Since its emergence, it has served an abundance of health uses, which is why it has become much more available. Today, the weed is harvested in several other along-coast countries, for example, America, Ireland, and China. 

Key Compounds In Sea Moss

In coastal countries, the Irish moss is chiefly used for its rich levels of Carrageenan. This compound is a natural food additive that is commended for its stabilizing, binding, and thickening effects. Thus, it is commonly used in the production of many foods, for example, yogurt, almond milk, coconut milk, creamers, yogurt, frozen pizzas & canned soups. Carrageenan is as well a significant ingredient in a couple of conventional medicines.

Apart from these compounds, the sea moss also offers algae polysaccharide, a carrageenan extract with health-fostering and medicinal qualities. Researchers suggest that algae polysaccharide has the following benefits:

  • antioxidant effects
  • antibacterial & anti-inflammatory activities
  • immunity enhancement
  • tumor inhibition
  • blood sugar control
  • hypertension prevention
  • high cholesterol prevention

In addition to carrageenan and algae polysaccharide, below are other important nutrients in sea moss:

  • amino acids
  • lipids
  • proteins
  • peptides
  • pigments

5 Contributions Of Sea Moss To Health

If we were to suggest based on the profiling of sea moss above, few would argue against it having great benefits. Fortunately, you’re in luck to know what these benefits are. Here we go. 

Assists Digestion

Sea moss functions as a prebiotic, typically helping beneficial gut bacteria grow, which causes it to alter the make of our microbiota. It is also a mucilaginous food with a sticky texture that assists an easier movement of stool through the gastrointestinal tract.

A publication in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine reported that rats fed sea moss displayed obvious enhancements in their gut microbiota makeup. As you may be wondering already, yes, improvements in the gut microbiota aids easier digestion.

Newer studies propose that Irish moss can improve immune modulation and gut health. In one experience, it caused the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, while it effectively reduced harmful bacteria, Streptococcus pneumonia inclusive.

May Bolster Neurological Function

The functioning of your neurological system influences a lot of processes in your body, and unfortunately, this system degenerates as you grow older. However, there are suggestions that sea moss may slow down (or even prevent) this degeneration.

Owing to its ability to improve oxidative stress, researchers suggest that Irish moss possesses neuroprotective capabilities. As such, you are advised to use it alongside other medications for this purpose. In fact, plans are underway to include sea moss as an active ingredient in anti-neurodegenerative drugs. But before this novel medication is available, you can always use sea moss in any form you know how to.

Enhances Immune Function

According to Applied and Environmental Microbiology, red seaweed has a mutually beneficial relationship with its host. On its part, it enhances the immune system of its host and inhibits the spread of “virulence factors” or molecules released by fungi, viruses, and bacteria. This study was conducted in a laboratory, meaning that there is no established direction yet. Still, researchers propose that C. crispus has a fair chance of bolstering the immune system. And oh, lest I forget about the “mutually-beneficial” relationship, we, on our part, eat the sea moss. Truly beneficial to both sides, isn’t it?

Don’t discredit this particular capability of sea moss because of inadequate backing. This may be the easiest immune-boosting plant you can find and if it is, make sure you optimize its uses— whether proven or not.

Fosters Satiety

When mixed with liquid, Irish moss feels thick and sticky to touch, like a gel. This gel is a soluble fiber, whose features include giving you a full stomach even when you eat little.

An inclusion of sea moss to your diet will be just great. By keeping you full in exchange for little, you can conveniently cut down on calories and non-beneficial foods or feeding qualities. There will be no unhealthy cravings, and even when they come, you won’t be able to eat. This will reduce not only calorie intake but also the consumption of other harmful foods.

In this effect, this seaweed is considered to work similarly to chia seeds and aloe vera.

A Rich Source Of Iodine

Iodine-dense foods support brain health, healthy metabolism, and thyroid function. All these are very critical functions. For example, iodine is necessary for the thyroid to produce thyroxine, a regulatory hormone for essential daily biochemical processes. Thyroid deficiency is associated with bad symptoms, as you may expect, which include heart problems, sluggish appetite, weight fluctuations, mood swings & appetite changes. 

Well, no one wants all these, so sea moss to the rescue!

The Journal of Medicinal Food published research that revealed that sea moss has abundant levels of iodine. This is an instant solution to all issues concerning the thyroid or anything else. Here’s an important thing to note, though: iodine levels have to be balanced in the body. Anything higher or lower than necessary is unhealthy, so you may have to be careful with your Irish moss consumption. 

Concluding The Contributions of Sea Moss to Health

As you will see, the contributions of sea moss to health are worth optimizing. It is widely available and costs little, yet offers such remarkable benefits. So, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take more sea moss daily. 

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