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Contributions Of Olive Oil To Health

The contributions of olive oil to health are worth optimizing. In fact, I’d say that they are what you must take advantage of. Olive trees have existed for thousands of years, with history confirming that it was indeed one of the most crucial foods in the Bible. Olive has been an essential part of diets, particularly among the healthiest, longest-living populations in history, such as the blue zones inhabitants. 

Original, high-standard olive oil has a reputation for its excellent anti-inflammatory qualities, antioxidants, and various heart-beneficial macronutrients. Little wonder some say olive is the “tree of life” mentioned in the garden of Eden. However, this tag is hardly believable; it hints at the incredible uses associated with olive oil. 

Top 4 Contributions Of Olive Oil To Health

Olive oil has an enviable portfolio of health benefits, some of which even honey and ACV do not offer. However, there are three common variations of olive oil: regular olive oil, virgin olive oil & extra virgin olive oil — and it may be unfortunate that only the last option is really worth it. The two others, as well as other types of olive oil you’ll find, are not as beneficial. Know this before you argue the mind-blowing benefits of this untainted elixir.

Protects The Heart

The solid protection that olive oil provides the heart is arguably its most notable benefit. Research has established that high monounsaturated fats lower triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol more than higher-carbs, low-fat diets. 

All thanks to its outstanding antioxidants, specifically polyphenols, olive oil proudly wears the tag of an anti-inflammatory food and, also, a cardiovascular protector. As you may know, inflammation is the body’s mechanism of healing itself, but it can be extremely harmful when excessive.

Chronic, unchecked inflammation poses great dangers, including autoimmune illnesses, arterial health damage, and a host of other extreme heart diseases. Fortunately, these all, and even more can be improved with extra virgin olive oil. 

In 2009, the Journal Of Cardiovascular Pharmacology published that olive oil is effective in lowering high blood pressure. This is attributed to its ability to increase the formation of nitric oxide, which is a compound that keeps the arteries clear and expanded for necessary passage.

Possesses Anti-cancer Compounds

Antioxidants are effective cancer combatants, because they target it at its very roots. How so? They eliminate or, at least, limit the growth of free radicals, which are cells that have undergone modifications and are now cancerous. There are a lot of foods containing antioxidants, but olive oil is miles apart.

In 2004, the European Journal of Cancer Prevention published that olive oil possesses antioxidants in excessive amounts. Drawing a cue from this report as well as other investigative studies, olives and olive oil have been established to be one of the richest sources of antioxidants. When they are not yet heated, olives boast generous amounts of hydroxytyrosol, acteoside, tyrosol & phenyl propionic acids.

Additionally, extra research has reported that olives contain other anti-cancer agents, for example, terpenoids and squalene, as well as possesses lipid oleic acid, which is resistant to peroxidation. There are suggestions that the high level of olives in the Mediterranean diet is responsible for the encouraging cancer stats in Southern Europe.

Champions Weight-loss & Prevention of Obesity

Eating a lot of healthy fats is a sure way to manage excess insulin, which is a hormone in charge of blood sugar levels that causes us to gain weight and continue to accumulate weight even if we cut down on calories and perform exercises. Healthy fats are easily satiating, so in a chain reaction, they lower hunger, cravings & overeating. This would be the sole reason that several studies have reported that higher-fats, balanced diets are more effective in weight-loss than a low-fat diet.

As already said, diets with abundant levels of healthy fats are more satiating, and thus people easily get accustomed to them (which is a good thing since there are no side-effects to moderate consumption). This means that eating healthy fats for a while will leave you unwilling to revert to unhealthy fat diets. 

This is best illustrated in a 2002 publication by Women’s Health Journal. In the reported study that lasted eight weeks, a diet rich in olive oil was more significant in weight-loss than a low-fat diet. But that’s beside the point. The most striking point was that for six good months after this experiment, each of the participants strictly stuck to diets rich in olive oil, although they had returned to their basic life settings. 

Encourages Brain Health

The brain is a mesh of tightly woven wires running on fatty acids. To the technical reader, this may sound funny, but it is undoubtedly true. Fatty acids power the brain and trust me, that memory house needs a lot of it daily to perform its functions optimally. That means, for you to think clearly, perform tasks, regulate moods, and focus, you need the recommended dose of fatty acids daily.

Thankfully, in addition to foods like wild-caught fish, olive oil is right there on the list of foods that improve brain health. Although olives are not as beneficial as salmon, mackerel, or sardines due to the omega-3 fatty acids, they are nonetheless useful in supporting cognitive function. Research has linked high levels of olive oil in the body to a reduced risk of age-related degenerative diseases.

This is supplemented by its keen presence on the Mediterranean diet, as it contains monounsaturated fatty acids proven as an effective sustainer of brain health. So, if you’re having cognitive problems, such as being unable to concentrate, learn new skills, process tasks quickly and efficiently, and many more, a helpful piece of advice is to include a lot of olive oil and wild-caught fish in your diet.

Takeaways On The Contributions Of Olive Oil To Health

The contributions of olive oil to health are outstanding. This timeless healer has proven, time and time again, that it is unarguably one of the most beneficial natural foods. Olive oil is easy to come across; you can even make yours from olives at home. If you’d rather buy, remember to select an “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” off the shelves. 

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