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Contributions of Fenugreek Seeds to Health

The contributions of fenugreek seeds to health are surprisingly understated, considering that the plant is very old. This becomes even more surprising when you find out that the health benefits of these seeds are mentioned in Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine. For centuries, the seeds have been an excellent form of treatment for several health concerns, ranging from low libido and diabetes to high cholesterol and low breast milk production.

Whether you use these seeds in stews or salads or through supplements, the keynote remains that the plant is powerful and makes a great inclusion to your healthcare routine.

What Are Fenugreek Seeds?

Fenugreek seeds are obtained from the fenugreek plant, a medicinal herb of the Fabaceae family widely used across the world as foods, herbs, spices & therapeutics. They are more popular in Indian kitchens and their local medicinal stores in the form of ground extract.

Fenugreek is a reservoir of various nutrients, including flavonoids, phenols, proteins, saponins, tannins & terpenoids. 

The seeds are altogether a different case. They are 28% protein, 16% carbohydrate, 5% oils & 4% fatty acids, and special nutrients! About 26% of Fenugreek seed’s contents are filled with galactomannan, a soluble fiber (also a polysaccharide) that assists in regulating glucose levels. Researchers attribute the numerous health benefits of fenugreek seeds to the wide range of phytoconstituents that they contain. As a result, they are used as a natural bread preserver in some countries.

7 Contributions of Fenugreek Seeds to Health

Since time immemorial, fenugreek seeds have proven useful in the treatment of numerous health conditions. They have also served as hepatoprotective, antibacterial, anticancer, antifungal & anti-inflammatory agents. Not to forget that they’re also added to meals, thanks to their slightly bitter flavor that tastes like maple or celery syrup.

The thing is, fenugreek seeds have many uses and are the most optimized part of the fenugreek herb. They are typically dried & ground or processed, so fenugreek oil is extracted from them.

Let us look at the seven main benefits of these seeds to your welfare.

Lower Blood Sugar

According to a report by An International Quarterly Journal of Research, Aryuvedic medicine found out that adding fenugreek seeds to the meals of people with type 2 diabetes helped reduce glucose levels in the blood after five months. 

The tested group was treated with 10 grams of the seeds soaked in boiling water throughout the study, while the placebo group was given nothing apart from conventional medicines. With this, researchers agreed that the mere addition of fenugreek seeds to a healthy diet is enough to reduce fasting glucose in the body, particularly if exercise is done as well.

Other researchers have reported that the seeds have the potential to resist diabetes. A citation reports that a clinic was able to prevent an outbreak of type-2 diabetes in patients who were already pre-diabetic.

Combat Metabolic Syndrome

A new publication in Scientific Reports suggests that regular consumption of fenugreek seeds has considerable positive impacts on gut microbiota and may improve body mass by lowering high cholesterol and hyperlipidemia caused by a diet filled with fats.

Other studies indicate that the usefulness of fenugreek seeds for metabolism is due to its ability to suppress glucose absorption by the intestines and slow down the digestive process, thereby tackling inflammation & improving cholesterol levels.

May Enhance Cholesterol

A report in Obesity reveals that fenugreek seeds helped considerably reduce cholesterol & triglyceride concentration in the body. The study concluded that these seeds are potentially efficacious in regulating high cholesterol and related metabolic disorders, thanks to their ability to disperse accumulated body fats and decrease bad “LDL” cholesterol.

Eases Digestion

Fenugreek seeds contain galactomannan, which is a water-soluble fiber. This fiber helps ease digestive problems like constipation & stomach upsets. Studies display that the fiber also slows down the digestive process and gets rid of harmful toxins in the body. There are also indications that these seeds have anti-inflammatory properties and are therefore capable of relieving inflammatory digestive concerns, such as ulcerative colitis.

Foster The Production of Breast Milk

Studies have established fenugreek seeds as a galactagogue, a chemical that fosters breast milk production when necessary. This is excellent news for nursing mothers with poor milk supply, as they can easily improve things using an extract of fenugreek seeds. However, before trying out fenugreek seeds extract or any other herb to assist breaks milk production, consult a lactation consultant.

Potential to Enhance Exercise Performance & Stamina

Fenugreek seeds are useful in regulating hormones, lowering cholesterol & reducing body mass, all of which are somehow linked to improved exercise performance. The seeds also foster stamina by supplying the body with fatty acids, which serve as an energy source.

Research conducted specifically on the benefits of fenugreek seeds for men reports that supplementation reduces body fat significantly without any reduction in muscle strength. Obviously, fenugreek seeds should be on your diet if you’re undergoing SEALs training.

May Possesses Anticancer Qualities

Although currently few, there is proof that fenugreek seeds boast anticancer effects and house constituents that may trigger apoptosis (instant death of cancer cells). There are also reports that the plant is especially useful in fighting breast cancer.

Side-effects of Using Fenugreek Seeds

There is hardly any negative after-effect of using fenugreek seeds. However, there are indications that people who are allergic to peanuts should avoid the herb. Also, I would advise that you do not use these seeds when expecting as research on its effects on the fetus is still limited. And as previously said, visit a lactation consultant before using fenugreek extract.

Final Lines on the Contributions of Fenugreek Seeds to Health


Fenugreek seeds are becoming well-known for their remarkable benefits. They are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anticancer, and they cost nothing to use. Too good a deal, isn’t it? Let’s hear from you: which of the above-mentioned contributions or fenugreek seeds to health have you experienced? 

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