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Contributions of Coconut Oil To Health

The contributions of coconut oil to health are discussed often. Thanks to its high levels of beneficial compounds, the oil is useful in treating various diseases, ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. In this article, we’ll look at several ways through which coconut oil benefits your health, but first…

What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is obtained by squeezing copra (dried coconut meat) or fresh coconut meat. The process isn’t really difficult: it’s basically pressing the meat (wet or dry), and that’s it.

Coconut oil is filled with saturated fats of little molecules and therefore maintains a solid texture at room temperature. To liquefy coconut oil, you need to expose it to a temperature of at least 78°, while to smoke it, the temp has to rise to 350°.

Thus, coconut oil is an excellent oil to use for baked foods, sautéed dishes & sauces. Additionally, the skin easily absorbed the oil (thanks to its littler molecules). It is, as such, a great moisturizer for the scalp & skin.

7 Contributions of Coconut Oil To Health

Coconut oil is a rich reservoir of several valuable compounds, including antioxidants. It has also displayed strong antifungal, antivirus & anti-inflammatory properties. Throw in the fact that medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are the basic component of the saturated oil, and you realize its potential. 

Let’s see what coconut oil can do for you.

Treat The Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

The MCFAs, as you know, are the primary fats in coconut oil. Their absorption by the liver leads to increased creation of ketones, which are easily accessible for energy. With a regular increment of this mental-boosting compound, trust the brain to perform better with time. In fact, this process could cure Alzheimer’s or reduce it to a very manageable level since there’s no longer the need to process glucose before energy generation.

A recent study reports that the brain generates its insulin to convert glucose to power brain cells. This may explain the cognitive misbehaviors displayed by an Alzheimer’s patient since the brain can no longer make its own insulin. Well, ketones to the mental rescue!

Improves Blood Pressure & Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Coconut oil is a reservoir of natural saturated fats, which convert bad cholesterol (DHL) to good cholesterol in the body and increase the secretion of good cholesterol (HDL), thereby effectively controlling one of the key causes of heart diseases & high blood pressure. 

A publication in Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine realized that daily usage of virgin coconut oil (2 tablespoons) boosted HDL levels in young persons. By the way, it may interest you that no single side-effect was experienced after eight good weeks of virgin coconut oil consumption.

Speaking from this, it is apparent that coconut oil surely has a favorable effect on the heart. What’s more, it lowers abnormal levels of triglycerides.

Treats Kidney Infection, UTI & Safeguards the Liver

Coconut oil is well documented for its ability to relieve the symptoms of UTI & kidney infections. Their high MCFA content serves as an antibiotic that disrupts the lipid (protective) coating on bacteria & kills them. Trials also report that the liver is directly protected from most forms of harm with regular eating of coconut oil.

Coconut water is an effective hydrator that supports and hastens up healing. In fact, medical experts have prescribed coconut water as a treatment for kidney stones. These tremendous benefits are all attributed to the status of the coconut itself as a superfood. 

Tackles Inflammation & Arthritis (of course)

A study on animals in several Indian cities reported that the rich levels of antioxidants accessible in virgin coconut oil contribute a major part in fighting inflammation in the body and ease the symptoms of arthritis even better and faster than top conventional medications. Another study concluded that coconut oil harvested with just medium heat was a potent suppressant of inflammatory cells, working both as an anti-inflammatory & analgesic agent.

Prevents & Treats Specific Cancers

Coconut oil has two properties that come in handy in its effective fight against cancers. The first is the increased production of ketones when it is taken. This is because malignant cells depend on glucose & cannot access the power in ketones. As a result, there are suggestions that a ketogenic diet may be a helpful presence in the recovery process of cancer patients.

Second, coconut oil is filled with MCFAs, and as these fats are absorbed into the body, they digest bacterial lipid walls. With this, there is even the possibility that they can kill the notorious Helicobacter pylori, which is well-known for its role in the development of stomach cancer.

Studies have also suggested that lauric acid, another day in coconut oil, boasts pro-apoptotic & anti-proliferation effects and may be effective in cancer combat.

Bolsters The Immune System

Coconut oil possesses antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties, such as lauric acid, which several studies have established as a beneficial contributor to candida treatment & bacteria elimination. Also, lauric acid creates an unfriendly environment for harmful bacteria to grow in the gut, which is an excellent thing, given that most diseases these days are the results of unchecked parasites, viruses, bacteria & fungi in the body.

So, when you’re ill, you are advised to introduce coconut oil to your diet as a replacement for sugar & grains. Apart from the fact that sugar encourages the spread of harmful bacteria, coconut oil will be a new, better natural fuel source. To use, use one tablespoonful of coconut oil three times per day, consuming lots of bone broth & vegetables alongside.

Enhances Cognitive Function

In 2004, the Journal of Neurobiology of Aging published a study that reported that the medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil fostered the improvement of cognitive behavior in seniors.

The researchers reported significant improvements in the ability of every participant to recall memories after regular consumption of the oil. This was attributed to the fact that the brain did not need to produce insulin for power, thus allowing the Brian cells to function more efficiently.

Concluding The Contributions of Coconut Oil To Health

The impressive contributions of coconut oil to health make it near impossible to take out completely of your diet. It has even more benefits, including endurance & energy improvement, digestion improvement, and pancreas enhancement. Optimizing these amazing uses will be in your best interest.

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