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Camping & Hiking In The Rain

Camping & hiking in the rain is very much possible, although many would prefer clear skies during their entire stay in the wild. However, we don’t always get what we wish for. I can’t count the number of days I've had to camp in the rain. And believe me, camping or hiking in the rain is much more fun than you think.

Hiking is a solid way to burn calories, get some much needed cardio and have fun at the same time. This article talks about the act of hiking, not just the health benefits, but the particulars too.

Hiking, particularly during the rain, can be delightful. This is because most campers never hike in the rain and you have the entire terrain to yourself because most people get "out of the rain.". Also, you have a live view of animals coming out to forage and pick food right after it rains. It honestly can’t get any better.

However, hiking in the rain can be too dangerous in some areas; for example, mountainous or rocky areas, due to the mist can be especially dangerous. That means you’ll be confined to your cabin or tent for some hours. But what happens if it takes raining for more than a day? Any idea? 

Considerations For Camping & Hiking In The Rain

Having established that there are days it’ll rain while you’re out in the wild, why don’t we look at how to maneuver through? I don’t suppose you’d like to spend your whole time in the wild holed up in your tent simply because it’s raining fire and brimstone. 

Every camping adventure depends on your planning. It is your plans ahead that determine if your trip will be looked back on with fondness for several years or will be grumbled upon whenever mentioned. 

Choosing The Right Tent

To enjoy a remarkable camping trip, regardless of the weather, you have to select the appropriate tent. It would be wise to go for a tent that’s solid enough to weather all conditions, whether a rain or mild storm, especially if you’re in a high-risk season. Here are things to note when shopping for a tent:

  • Select a tent that can keep water out. It is typical of such tents to have their ground fabric extending about 6 inches at the sides.

  • Choose a waterproof, sturdy fabric.

  • Go for a tent whose flysheet is surplus enough to cover a reasonable distance from the tent as well as the door and windows to keep the rain out. 

  • Buy a tent in which you can keep the fire on. You’ll see why.

  • Seal seams as they are the main points of leaking in a tent.

Selecting A Campsite

Always go for a site above the normal sea level that allows proper drainage. Do not make the error of settling for an area below the normal angle because you want balance. I tried it on my first camping trip and believe it when I say it was a total disaster when it rained.

However, if you find it difficult to feel comfortable in an elevated area due to the slope, you can settle for a less sloppy area but never set up your tent at a depressed angle.

Also, do not camp under trees. True, the natural shade and view while in your back can be great, but it’s dangerous when it rains. A branch could break off the tree when it rains heavily. Also, rain continues to drop from trees even when the rain is over.

Activities During A Rain

If you’re camping in rocky terrain or are unsure of safety and can not hike in the rain, there are several activities you can engage in. You don’t have to sit gloomily until it stops raining. It could rain for half a day, so you have to get something doing.

Thankfully, raining does not stop you from playing any game. In fact, some activities are best enjoyed when there’s heavy rain, some cold and lightning strikes. A cold, rainy night would be the perfect time to tell a ghost story or have a truth-or-dare session.

Come with your board games and instruments, so everyone has something to do. You can hold competitions and try out so much more.


Even if it isn’t going to rain, you should go with tasty, healthy foods, drinks, and snacks for everyone. By considering everyone who’s with you before packing provisions for the trip, you can have a huge smile on your face as everyone munches over their meal when it is raining.

When the weather is clear, campers barely pay a lot of attention to eating as there are countless activities to indulge in. There’s hiking, swimming, fishing and a lot more. However, people eat significantly more when you’re all sitting in a circle or just about in the tent. Make sure to gather a lot of snacks, therefore, so there’s always enough to go around.

Also, do rationalize meals when necessary. If you think the available foods won’t be enough, communicate to others so they can understand why their subsequent servings will be smaller than usual. 

Keeping The Fire Burning

Do you remember an infamous Easter during which it rained for four good days? I’m sure everyone who went camping that year does. Like many others, I was unprepared for the rain when it came, or rather, my preparations weren’t enough. So, when it started raining, we had to cover the campfire with a beach umbrella. Trust me, the consequences were terrible, but it was nonetheless better than not having any fire at all.

Fortunately, there are torches you can go with these days to keep the night brightened even in the absence of a campfire. If you do not have to cook, you can do pretty well for a week with torches. For BBQ, you can always go with a gas stove. 

In the absence of the options above, an excellent move is to pick and store shrubs and woods for making fire as soon as you set up your camp. This way, you can be prepared whenever it rains.

Final Lines On Camping & Hiking In The Rain

Camping & hiking in the rain can be relatively boring for first-timers. Still, heavy rain doesn’t mean you don’t get to have any fun at all. As I said earlier, you can go hiking when it is raining, but only when you can see and are assured of safety. 

Do not risk it when unsure. You can always try out several activities within your tent, like say, scare the kids to their wits with a tale of the ghost town and how you survived a horrible monster called Covid-19. 

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