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Best Probiotic Foods to Eat For A Healthier Gut

Adapting to the best probiotic foods to eat for a healthier gut won’t be difficult for you. After all, these are tasty foods that are indeed healthy too. Probiotics refer to some strains of beneficial bacteria in the gut that are charged with plenty of body operations, ranging from immune health improvement to nutrient absorption.

The benefits to gain from having a lot of probiotics in the gut are quite numerous. Verified studies have led to beliefs that probiotics can protect against allergies, assist the digestion process, lower cholesterol levels, prevent cancer & improve the symptoms, and many other things. The foods we eat are one of the best ways to increase the count of probiotics.

11 Best Probiotic Foods to Eat for Healthier Gut

Like I said, adding more probiotics to your diet would be easy. You are not mandated to buy costly pills, supplements, or powders to build these good bacteria. We’ll look at 11 foods to add to your diet to improve the condition of your gut bacteria: here we go.


Closely related to yogurt, kefir is a fermented dairy product. It is a special combination of specific milk & fermented kefir grains. The product has been a regular presence for well over 2 000 years. Meanwhile, kefir is a term with Russian & Turkey ties & translates to “feeling good.’ The drink may taste slightly tart & acidic, with each cup offering about 10-34 probiotic strains.

As I already mentioned, kefir is similar to yogurt. The basic difference between the two is that the former experiences yeast fermentation, contains more bacteria & is lower in lactose while higher in probiotics. Kefir is, therefore, an excellent choice for lactose-intolerant persons.


Sauerkraut is produced from different probiotic vegetables, especially fermented cabbage. This product has a limited range of probiotic strains it could contain, but it makes up for that by offering considerable organic acids when taken. 

Sauerkraut originated from Germany & remains a popular probiotic drink there until now. It is rich in digestive enzymes & vitamin C, and natural lactic acid bacteria, for example, lactobacillus.


Kombucha is the end result of fermenting black tea through the symbiotic colony of bacteria & yeast, also known as SCOBY. The food has been in existence for nearly 3 000 years and can be traced to Japan. There are many benefits attributed to kombucha (some of which are without proof). The surest uses include liver detoxification, digestive support & higher energy levels.

Coconut Kefir

Coconut kefir is made through the fermentation of kefir grains with the juice obtained from young coconuts. It may be quite similar to traditional probiotic foods but not in effectiveness. Coconut kefir does not contain as much probiotics as kefir, but it sure has a handful of benefits when taken. The drink tastes great & with the addition of lime juice, stevia & water, your coconut kefir can taste much more refreshing. 


Natto is very prevalent in Japan. It is a dish containing fermented soybeans & provides the body with some of the most powerful probiotics. An example of this is the Bacillus subtilis, a strain that’s been proven to boost immune function, aid heart health & improve the absorption & digestion of vitamin K2. 

Natto also consists of nattokinase, a unique anti-inflammatory enzyme that has demonstrated blood-clotting abilities and is filled with protein. Natto ranks pretty high in the list of excellent probiotic foods.


Arguably, yogurt is the most commonly taken probiotic food, although the best remains the Greek yogurt or live-cultured probiotic yogurt that’s a product of sheep, goat, or cow milk. In most cases, yogurt can be number 1 probiotic food (speaking of nutrients) if it has not been pasteurized & was sourced from grass-fed humans. The problem, however, is that there’s a huge variation among yogurt’s qualities. So, when shopping for yogurts, search for organic, grass-fed kinds made from sheep or goat’s milk.


Since time immemorial, kvass has been a highly potent fermented beverage across Eastern Europe. Initially, it was a traditional production of fermented barley or rye but has been more created with probiotic beets & fruits in recent times alongside carrots & other root veggies. Kvass is rich in Lactobacilli and is commonly recommended for cleansing the liver & blood. 

Raw Cheese

Cheese from the milk of goat, sheep, or cow is remarkably rich in probiotics, such as acidophilus, thermophilous, bifidus & bulgaricus. When buying your cheese, always choose cheese yet to be pasteurized because processed & pasteurized varieties lack essential bacteria.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is an excellent source of probiotics & has a lot of functions in the body. ACV itself displays the abilities of probiotics: it has been proven to regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, assist weight-loss & enhance insulin insensitivity. Eating more ACV will, therefore, increase the probiotic count in the body. You can drink ACV daily or use it as a salad dressing from time to time.

Salted Gherkin Pickles

These pickles are delicious fermented treats recognized as a source of probiotics. When buying pickles, go for brands that have just started, as they are the most likely to use healthy organic products. In fact, if you have access to a local maker, that would be the finest option for you.

Brine-cured Olives

Brine-cured olives are a great source of beneficial gut bacteria. Like salted gherkin pickles, your priority when picking brine-cured olives is to ensure it was made with organic products. You can be more certain of your Olive’s healthiness by choosing a smaller brand in the industry. 

You should also ensure the olives do not contain sodium benzoate, which is a food additive that could nullify the health-boosting qualities of the food.

Concluding The Best Probiotic Foods to Eat for Healthier Gut

Probiotics have numerous benefits. Keep them abundant in your body through a couple of ways — one of which is to add the best probiotic foods to eat for a healthier gut mentioned above to your diet. A gut deprived of probiotics will cause a lot of health issues. Do well to stay healthy.

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