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Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Those familiar with the amazing benefits of frankincense essential oil can testify to its therapeutic & healing qualities. Therefore, the oil has been a core part of aromatherapy since the earliest days — just like all other essential oils.

Frankincense essential oil is derived from the Boswellia carterii, Boswellia serrata & Boswellia frereana trees, commonly planted in Somalia & some parts of Pakistan. These trees are reputable for their antioxidants properties.

8 Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense oil is used through 2 major means, which are inhalation or skin absorption. When shopping for your essential oils in general, avoid oils tagged “perfume oil” or “fragrance oil” as they are likely synthetic. Choose products tagged “100% essential oil” or “pure essential oil.” 

Here are eight benefits derivable from frankincense essential oil:

Reduces the Symptoms of Stress & Negative Emotions

Frankincense oil has been proven to lower high blood pressure & heart rate when inhaled. The oil is suggested to combat depression & chronic anxiety, but it does not result in unwanted drowsiness or other side effects, unlike prescription meds. 

For example, researchers could reduce the levels of depression in mice by burning Boswellia resin. This was possible because there’s an active component of this incense (incensole acetate), which activates TRPV3 channels in the brain, thereby eliciting psychoactivity.  

Has Immune-boosting Abilities

Research has established that frankincense benefits include immune-boosting properties that may help eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses & cancers. A recent lab study at Mansoura University, Egypt, led researchers to conclude that frankincense essential oil possesses powerful immunostimulant qualities.

The implications of this include that the oil can be used to prevent the formation of germs on the skin, in the mouth, or the home. This may be why experts recommend frankincense as a natural relief for oral health issues. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, frankincense oil can prevent cavities, gingivitis, mouth sores, bad breath, toothaches & several other infections.

Helps to Combat Cancer OR Manage the Aftereffects of a Chemotherapy

Several researchers have established that frankincense shows promising anti-tumor & anti-inflammatory properties when assessed in lab studies & tested on animals. Frankincense oil has demonstrated that it can eliminate the cells of specific cancer types. 

Research in China assessed the anticancer impacts of myrrh & frankincense oils on five tumor cell lines. The researchers found out that skin & human breast cancer cell lines were more sensitive to the combination of the oils mentioned earlier. 

Another study in 2012 reported that frankincense contains a chemical compound known as AKBA, which causes cancer cells’ death that has developed a resistance to chemotherapy. This suggests that oil is a potential natural treatment for cancer.

Possesses Antimicrobial Effects

Frankincense essential oil is a disinfectant & antiseptic agent with antimicrobial qualities, meaning that it can help eliminate flu germs & cold from your body & home naturally. It will also work in place of the conventional chemical household chemicals.

A publication in Letters in Applied Microbiology realized that the combination of myrrh & frankincense oils is especially useful against pathogens. The two oils possess additive & synergistic effects when in the presence of microorganisms like Pseudomonas aeruginosa & Cryptococcus neoformans. By the way, myrrh oil has been an ally of frankincense oil for hundreds of decades, so do not worry about mixing both.

Heals the Skin & Reduces the Symptoms of Aging

The benefits of frankincense oil include strengthening the skin & enhancing its elasticity, tone, overall appearance, and making it more resistant to blemishes & bacteria as we grow older. It can do even more, such as helping to tone & lift the skin, heal wounds & reduce scars. There are suggestions that it may also help to erase stretch marks and surgery marks or scars associated with pregnancy.

The Journal of Traditional & Complementary Medicine published a review of frankincense oil. The publication states that the oil reduces skin redness & irritation to ensure a more even skin tone. Researchers suggest that the steroid-like pentacyclic triterpene structure of frankincense may be why it has such soothing effects on irritated skin.

Improves Memory

Studies indicate that frankincense oil can be used to enhance memory recollection & learning function. And as some studies on animals have shown, the use of frankincense oil during pregnancy can improve the child’s memory function when it’s born.

In a study, pregnant rats were treated orally with frankincense oil while on their gestation period. Upon delivery, researchers could confidently report that the offspring of these rats displayed improved learning, short-term memory & long-term memory functions when they were born.

May Assist Hormone Balancing 

By keeping balanced hormone levels, frankincense oil may help reduce the symptoms of menstruation & menopause, although proof of this effect is still scanty. The oil can be used to ease cramps, pain, constipation, headaches, nausea, mood swings, fatigue & other conditions associated with menstruation. Frankincense oil may help keep estrogen levels balanced and lower the risk of premenopausal women developing tumors or cysts.

Studies on animals have also proven that frankincense oil can help promote fertility, which is attributed to the oil’s steroid-like chemical structure. One of these studies was conducted on rats & the results posted an increased fertility rate among the rodents. There was also an increase in the number of viable fetuses & implantations, thereby suggesting that frankincense oil may increase sperm motility & density.

Assists Digestion

Frankincense oil aids digestive function by proper detoxification & encouragement of bowel movements. It can also relieve pain & cramps in the stomach & prevent bloating or gassiness by flushing out excess fluid water from the abdomen. There are indications that it may also ease PMS-associated stomach pains.

Concluding The Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

The benefits of frankincense essential oil are remarkable. I mean, all it takes is inhaling or skin application. No side effect is associated with frankincense essential oil, so there’s no reason not to optimize this impressive essential oil. Frankincense oil can also be used to improve hair growth, encourage sleep & tackle inflammation.

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