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Benefits Of Bentonite Clay

By chance, do you have a clue on how to harness the benefits of bentonite clay for your health? Perhaps you never heard of it; bentonite clay is quite common, especially for its uses in toxin removal. You may be surprised to find it in the mix of your cosmetic creams and gels. In fact, most cosmetic companies use bentonite clay as a significant base in manufacturing products. Whether you are familiar with it or not, no knowledge is lost, or so Grandma said. 

A Little Background on The Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Due to the cosmetic media hype around bentonite clay, most of it focusing on its effects on toxin removal and the direct impact on the skin, it has become an exciting topic among researchers. Several studies have looked into the mode of bentonite clay's mechanism, all with the hope of unveiling more benefits that can be used by humans. Of course, with most things that we, as humans, set our hearts to, more of those benefits are now known today. 

Bentonite clay is a natural variety of clay soil with a fine, smooth texture. It is formed from aged volcanic ash. It is mostly found in large quantities in Fort Benton, Wyoming, but in reality, it can be found anywhere in the world. When mixed with water, it forms a paste that can be rubbed over the skin. Several people use it for medical and mostly cosmetic uses – treating rashes and as hair masks. 

Additionally, it is used to remove impurities such as toxins and oil from the body because of its good absorbent qualities. Interestingly, this usage is not necessarily a modern wave, as historians have dated it back to several centuries. 

Aside from its use on the skin, some people also add it to their food and drinks to help treat digestive issues. Read on to find out why this is done, among several other benefits of bentonite clay. 

Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Toxin Removal

This benefit is probably one of the most studied of all other benefits of bentonite clay – and for a good reason! Toxins are literally flying around, and our everyday activities contribute massively to the concentration of toxins in the environment. A large percentage of these toxins are from lead, trace metals, and even pesticides. 

Several pieces of evidence from studies suggest that bentonite clay may be useful in removing toxins from the body. The clay has a unique composition that enables it to absorb negatively charged toxins. This peculiar characteristic explains why it is used to reduce the effect of these toxins on the body.

One way or another, you are soaking up toxins just by living, so why not give this wonder clay a try?

Oily Skin and Acne

You may have oily skin, or perhaps know someone who does. This will give you an idea of how difficult it is to get such skin type under control. Oily skin aside, acne remains the bane of existence for many people, especially pubescent teenagers and adolescents. No one likes a bumpy, rough face! At the very least, I didn’t, or did you? 

The absorbent power of bentonite clay may prove useful in treating oily skin and acne breakouts. The clay can help remove sebum from the skin’s surface and provide soothing relief to the inflammation from acne. 

You could decide to be a little bit more creative with bentonite clay and use it as a clay face mask. In fact, many commercial facial masks contain clay because of its clarifying effects on the skin. 

Treatment of Poison Ivy

A lot of people are allergic to the oil that the poison ivy plant produces, urushiol. The typical reaction from these individuals is to break into a rash as an allergic reaction to their exposure. 

The poison ivy rash is typically characterized by redness, severe itching, and irritation. Successful research in 1995 produced concrete evidence supporting the claim that bentonite clay was suitable for treating this allergic reaction. Asides from drastically reducing the symptoms, it can also speed up the healing process. 

It is relatively easy to use. All you need to do is wash the skin with soap and water immediately after exposure to the plant. Afterward, apply a paste of bentonite clay to the affected area and cover with a gauze. Repeat as frequently as possible till the rash is completely gone. Voila, you have your perfect skin back once again! 

Effect on Weight Loss

You may be tremendously surprised by the number of people who are in a desperate search for a weight loss supplement. Many companies involved with manufacturing supplements are in a rat race in providing the healthiest product for this singular purpose. 

Interestingly, recent research revealed that one of the benefits of bentonite clay might affect weight loss. Especially in those eating a high-fat diet, a bentonite clay product may help them reduce their weight over a sustained period. 

Despite this seemingly easier weight loss method, other ways like reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity remain a safer bet. 

Treating Diarrhea and Constipation

The absorbent quality of bentonite clay comes in handy in treating conditions of the digestive system. Since it sticks to toxins, the clay can regulate the processes of the digestive tract, especially constipation and virus-related issues. 

Rotavirus is the principal cause of diarrhea and can spread quickly and rapidly from one person to another. Diosmectite, a variety of bentonite clay, can help in preventing the replication of the virus. Of course, if the condition does not subside at least to an appreciable extent after using clay products, medical attention needs to be sought after. You can also use clay products alongside plenty of fluids to replace the lost ones. 

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Bentonite Clay

There are several other benefits of bentonite clay asides those explained in this list. Ranging from lowering cholesterol, providing sun protection, treating diaper rash to several others, there is a lot to gain from its usage. Notwithstanding, the FDA does not regulate products made from bentonite clay. As such, caution should be exercised when using it. Stay safe; stay healthy! 

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