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Alternatives When Easing Off Caffeine Consumption

It is essential to know the alternatives when easing off caffeine consumption; else, you'll be suffering from a number of health issues, especially headaches. Caffeine headaches are typically caused by withdrawal. 

This head-splitting condition occurs when a person who's normally keen on caffeine consumption decides to stop their usual routine. For example, someone who usually takes 2–3 cups of coffee daily suddenly decides to take 0 cups daily.

This is a good health move (apparently) but most tend to do it wrongly. It is inadvisable to quit caffeine in a cold turkey manner. This means that you should not stop caffeine intake at once. It is best to do so gradually until you finally become free. 

Best Alternatives When Easing Off Caffeine Consumption

When easing off caffeine, it is recommended to cut out your dependence on caffeine-rich drinks. However, nixing your caffeine dependency without replacements may be difficult. You may find yourself drawn back to caffeine without realizing it. So, if you're stopping your caffeine consumption, it is necessary to settle for equally refreshing drinks that are healthier. 

Let us look at some of them below.

Herbal Tea

If absolute abstinence from caffeine is what you want, herbal teas & infusions are your surest bet. Herbal teas like decaf chai, peppermint & dandelion are excellent options. Herbal teas have other benefits, including easy digestion & inducing a relaxed state of mind.

Herbal/Grain Coffee Subs

Roasted herbal or grain beverages are typically produced with ingredients apart from coffee beans since they are meant to be more tolerated by people sensitive to caffeine. So, what are the ingredients used in these popular coffee alternatives? They are: rye, wheat, chicory, molasses, barley & certain syrups. 

Meanwhile, toasted grain beverages are also great for folks cutting off caffeine. These subs taste just like coffee but have lower sugar levels. For example, roasted chicory root is fibrous & boasts a smooth, creamy sweetness when taken.

Adaptogen Herbal Teas

These are made with adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, which are beneficial for regulating stress hormones, cortisol inclusive. These herbs can also support adrenal & thyroid functions, thereby ensuring that you're less tired & burnt out at the end of the day.

Hot Chocolate/Cocoa

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants & contains low levels of caffeine. Therefore, it is ideal for persons who are weaning off caffeine (gradually), tolerate little caffeine, or continue caffeine consumption in low amounts.

Mushroom Teas

Medicinal mushrooms such as lion's mane, reishi & cordyceps can help regulate stress better — much like adaptogenic herbs. Also, these mushrooms combat inflammation & enable the mind to think better. 

Yerba Mate

This tea type also contains small amounts of caffeine, much like black tea. It is recommended for a person who seeks enhanced focus/concentration without having to take excess caffeine.

White Tea, Oolong Tea & Rooibos Tea

These teas are low in caffeine, too, and work pretty much like yerba mate. Plus, they contain some antioxidants.

Concluding The Alternatives When Easing Off Caffeine Consumption

Take full advantage of these excellent alternatives when easing off caffeine consumption to avoid the side effects that come with it. Remember, you're to gradually stop caffeine intake. Doing so suddenly can be disturbing.

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